pass (one's) lips

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pass (one's) lips

1. To be said by one. No sooner had the words passed my lips than I regretted what I'd said.
2. To be eaten or drunk by one. As soon as the first morsel passed my lips, I knew it would be an exquisite meal.
See also: lip, pass

pass one's lips

Speak, utter, as in Not a word of it will pass my lips, I promise. [Mid-1700s]
See also: lip, pass

pass someone's lips

be eaten, drunk, or spoken by someone.
See also: lip, pass

pass (one's) lips

1. To be eaten or drunk.
2. To issue or be spoken: Rumors never passed her lips.
See also: lip, pass
References in classic literature ?
He came, examined his patient, and though encouraging Miss Dashwood to expect that a very few days would restore her sister to health, yet, by pronouncing her disorder to have a putrid tendency, and allowing the word "infection" to pass his lips, gave instant alarm to Mrs.
A source said Nash didn't let a crumb of food pass his lips for weeks.
For the last five years Cha Picken for the last five years Cha Picken has refused to let any solid food has refused to let any solid food pass his lips other than Golden pass his lips other than Golden Syrup flavoured Ready Brek.
He has a perfect right to speak in Welsh, even if the words "Mae'n ddrwg gen i" never pass his lips.
This must surely be the first time an Attenborough has passed Gibbons without so much as a second glance ONE-NIL DERBY As Lord Derby's proposals for the redevelopment of Newmarket are being vehemently opposed by the town's trainers, one wonders if he allowed a smile to pass his lips when Empress Charlotte, who he owns, beat representatives of William Haggas, Noel Quinlan, Clive Brittain and Sir Henry Cecil at Yarmouth NOEL NUDGED OUT Trainer Noel Quinlan had two horses denied by short heads within the space of ten minutes yesterday.
The only food she saw pass his lips was fried chicken at 2am after a night boozing and a fry-up one morning, "the friend added.
A GRANDFATHER will toast his 100th birthday today - but not a drop of alcohol will pass his lips.
A drop of alcohol didn't pass his lips, though, as Dougal slipped on McDonald's kitchen floor and ended up fracturing his wrist.
The retired police officer, who staged several demonstrations outside the Aston Cross factory when it was announced the plant was closing in 2006 with the loss of 125 jobs, has vowed never to let HP Sauce pass his lips again.
He let 43-year-old dinner lady Laura through to the next round without letting one sarcastic comment pass his lips and never even raised his eyes heavenwards when 46-year-old vicar Tony also sang his way to success.
For practically three years, Bush has barely let it pass his lips, lest the American people remember the hugely embarrassing fact that the commander in chief has failed to find the mastermind of 9/11.
But he mocked the premier for not being able to bring himself to let the word referendum pass his lips.
But George Bush isn't expected to let any ale pass his lips after a long-running battle with the booze.
Now the man who admits to a weakness for white wine never lets a drop of booze pass his lips.
Champagne was sprayed as they celebrated the success but the 15-year-old wasn't letting any alcohol pass his lips.