pass (one's) lips

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pass (one's) lips

1. To be said by one. No sooner had the words passed my lips than I regretted what I'd said.
2. To be eaten or drunk by one. As soon as the first morsel passed my lips, I knew it would be an exquisite meal.
See also: lip, pass

pass one's lips

Speak, utter, as in Not a word of it will pass my lips, I promise. [Mid-1700s]
See also: lip, pass

pass someone's lips

be eaten, drunk, or spoken by someone.
See also: lip, pass

pass (one's) lips

1. To be eaten or drunk.
2. To issue or be spoken: Rumors never passed her lips.
See also: lip, pass
References in classic literature ?
The words which she was longing to say were words that would never pass her lips unless she could see some encouragement in his face.
The name of George Morton is never heard to pass her lips.
MY granny died of cancer more than 30 years ago - and never once did the word pass her lips.
07CITY councillor Beatrice Fraenkel proudly revealed how she had kept her 2004 New Year resolution of not allowing any chocolate to pass her lips for 12 months.
Skeletal Nicole Richie is allowing food to pass her lips - in fact she's positively shovelling it in.
Shocked that something so hideous should pass her lips, Kezza instantly spat it out into the hands of a nearby PR person.
But looking at these pictures, it's hard to believe the actress lets anything other than cigarette smoke pass her lips.
COMEDY actress Susie Blake is looking forward to getting roaring drunk in Coventry next week - but swears no alcohol will pass her lips.
Even if it's clear that Nigella hasn't let a chip or ounce of fat pass her lips in recent months, it's fair to say she looks good enough to eat.
A fellow sports fan tells us: "Eva is no more than a size 6, so it was good to see something other than a salad pass her lips.
The mother-of-one will resist all the tempting treats on offer and will not let one morsel of food or drop of alcohol pass her lips from first thing tomorrow until Boxing Day.
There's no danger of her getting back into those big knickers, though - we didn't see a single canape pass her lips all night.
Unfortunately it was a friend who hadn't let a drop pass her lips all night, so I must have looked 10 times worse than I officially did.