pass from

pass from (something)

To disappear gradually from some place or state of being. Eventually, the memory of the horrible event passed from the memory of the town, and everyone just kind of got on with their lives. Most of the wildlife has passed from this place over the last 50 years. About the only wild animals you see anymore are rats.
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pass from something

to fade away from something; to go away gradually. The larger trees had passed from the scene years ago. The exact details passed from Harry's memory some time ago.
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References in classic literature ?
These platforms were found throughout the train, and the passengers were able to pass from one end of the train to the other.
This physician likewise abundantly establishes what he has advanced respecting the motion of the blood, from the existence of certain pellicles, so disposed in various places along the course of the veins, in the manner of small valves, as not to permit the blood to pass from the middle of the body towards the extremities, but only to return from the extremities to the heart; and farther, from experience which shows that all the blood which is in the body may flow out of it in a very short time through a single artery that has been cut, even although this had been closely tied in the immediate neighborhood of the heart and cut between the heart and the ligature, so as to prevent the supposition that the blood flowing out of it could come from any other quarter than the heart.
One could pass from one to another of these rooms without having to go by way of the gallery.
NE -- Gronkowski 6 pass from Brady (Gostkowski kick), 9:41.
1 sets up at the top of the strong-side lane, passes to 3 at the wing and then cuts over 4's screen to replace him at the post, where he is in strong position for the return pass from 3.
If you hold a Disabled Persons Half Fare Bus Pass, you will also be entitled to an All-Wales Concessionary Bus Pass from April 1.
Thus, the property did not pass from the decedent to the spouse, but passed as a result of the agreement among the beneficiaries not to probate the will.
2 cuts into the dotted circle for the pass from 1, as 4 continues across the lane away from the ball and 3 moves out to the foul-line extended.
A terminable interest is one that will terminate if the occurrence or nonoccurrence of an event can cause the property to pass from the decedent to a third party.
3, after making his pass from the corner, can take a step toward the baseline and then roll all the way up over the stagger screen to a point above the free-throw line.
When receiving a pass against pressure, coaches tell players to "run over the ball." This directive means that they come meet the pass from a teammate.
On the pass from weakside elbow to the weakside wing player, 1 steps up to the dotted circle in the middle of the free-throw lane and sets a backscreen for the player located at the ballside elbow area (4 or 3).
Upon the reversal pass from #1 to #4 (as shown in Diag.
If 4 gets the pass from 1,5 will turn and seal X3 from the inside, putting him in position for a pass or layup.
As 6 drives, 5 will clear through into the center positioning for a pass from 6 and a quality shot.