pass (something) down (to someone)

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pass (something) down (to someone)

1. To give something from a higher position to someone at a lower position. Can be used either literally or figuratively. While you're up on the roof, would you pass the measuring tape down to me? I left it up there yesterday. Due to new regulations passed down to us from our managers, I'm no longer authorized to give refunds for any reason other than defective goods.
2. To pass something to the person next to one, so that it may then be passed to the next person, and so on. Pass these worksheets down the aisle, please. Take a card and pass the stack down to the person behind you.
3. To bequeath or bestow something to another person, especially a young sibling or other relation. Nearly all the clothes I had as a kid were passed down by my brother. Instead of throwing away those toys, why don't you pass them down to your cousin's kids?
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pass something down (to someone)

 and pass something on (to someone)
1. to send something down a line of people to someone. (Each person hands it to the next.) Please pass this down to Mary at the end of the row. Pass down this box to Mary.
2. to will something to someone. My grandfather passed this watch down to me. He passed on the watch to me.
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pass down

1. To transfer something from a higher level to a lower one: I passed the can of paint down to my friend who was painting the window. The main office passes down simple requests to our help department.
2. To transfer something to the next member of a sequence: Each player takes one card and passes it down to the next player.
3. To bestow something to someone, especially a younger relative: I passed down my old clothes to my younger sister. My parents passed a strong work ethic down to all of my brothers and sisters.
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'They will pass down to retailers and wholesalers, eventually it will pass down to consumers,' he said, noting: 'But over a medium term, I can assure you this will pass down.
"For us, our properties are our future, and they're something we can pass down to our daughter."
These traits may not pass down to hybrid creations.
The second intent of the book is to sum "up the wisdom" the author has acquired while working in the United States, assets he wishes "to pass down to new social scientists" (ix).
"We have the time of delivery and tray pass down to eight to twelve minutes as a result of this team approach," noted Schultz.
Salary: Trained salespeople can make upwards of $1,500 to $2,000 a week, but "you have to hit the ground running," says Smaltz, whose clientele are high-net-worth individuals ranging from the owners of major oil companies to grandmothers looking to buy coins to pass down to future generations.