pass down

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pass (something) down (to someone)

1. To give something from a higher position to someone at a lower position. Can be used either literally or figuratively. While you're up on the roof, would you pass the measuring tape down to me? I left it up there yesterday. Due to new regulations passed down to us from our managers, I'm no longer authorized to give refunds for any reason other than defective goods.
2. To pass something to the person next to one, so that it may then be passed to the next person, and so on. Pass these worksheets down the aisle, please. Take a card and pass the stack down to the person behind you.
3. To bequeath or bestow something to another person, especially a young sibling or other relation. Nearly all the clothes I had as a kid were passed down to me by my brother. Instead of throwing away those toys, why don't you pass them down to your cousin's kids?
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pass something down (to someone)

 and pass something on (to someone)
1. to send something down a line of people to someone. (Each person hands it to the next.) Please pass this down to Mary at the end of the row. Pass down this box to Mary.
2. to will something to someone. My grandfather passed this watch down to me. He passed on the watch to me.
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pass down

1. To transfer something from a higher level to a lower one: I passed the can of paint down to my friend who was painting the window. The main office passes down simple requests to our help department.
2. To transfer something to the next member of a sequence: Each player takes one card and passes it down to the next player.
3. To bestow something to someone, especially a younger relative: I passed down my old clothes to my younger sister. My parents passed a strong work ethic down to all of my brothers and sisters.
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Thirty-six seconds later, Hagan scored on the 46-yard pass down the left sideline.
And since parents pass down part of their variability patterns to their offspring, parentage can also be accurately determined.
The Ethan Allen Baby collection consists of pieces that customers will want to pass down through generations.
We wanted to come up with something that brings the community together and gives them something they can pass down through the ages,'' said Gary Choppe, a member of the historical society board.
Hart quickly got the ball back and scored again on a 40-yard pass down the right sideline from Norton to Evan Surratt.
Valencia drove to midfield but Herrick's deep pass down the right sideline was intercepted by Jeff Shalem.
Ziggy gave me a great pass down low, and Lappy was standing in front.
Owens' pass down the middle grazed through the hands of Bulldogs defensive back Cory Ford right to a streaking Shawn Love for a 44-yard touchdown with 43 seconds remaining.
He got over the two interceptions - the second of which came on a long pass down the sideline just before halftime.
Then, just two minutes into the fourth quarter, quarterback Lionel Carrizales hooked up with receiver Anthony Mestas on a 41-yard scoring pass down the left sideline that, when capped by John Cerda's PAT run, put the Spartans up 14-8.
Ochoa managed his 10th goal of the season when he took a pass down the right sideline from Chris Ciccone, then proceeded to blast a shot from just outside the 18-yard box, sneaking the shot past stunned goalkeeper Matt Jordan.
But Syracuse came back with 12 points in the final 1:49 of the first half and still trailed only 21-15 before Bishop, scrambling from Syracuse defenders, lofted a pass down the right sideline to McDonald, who streaked another 40 yards into the end zone.
On the first play of the game, Dustin Cruz threw a pass down the line of scrimmage to Kevin Krause, who immediately handed the ball to Phipps for a 50-yard gain to the Newbury Park 30-yard line.
Two players later, Czernek found Farrel on a pass down the left sideline to culminate the nine-play drive.
After Nick Carey intercepted a Devon Reese pass with 2:19 left, though, the Vikings comeback hopes fell short when Kenneth Broadus-Taylor's pass down the left sideline was dropped Caleb Willis on a fourth-and-13 play with 1:17 left.