party to

party to something

a participant in something; someone who is involved in something. I refuse to be a party to your dishonest plan!
See also: party
References in classic literature ?
The apportionment of taxes on the various descriptions of property is an act which seems to require the most exact impartiality; yet there is, perhaps, no legislative act in which greater opportunity and temptation are given to a predominant party to trample on the rules of justice.
In the meanwhile the lame horse recovered so fast, that the party to Box Hill was again under happy consideration; and at last Donwell was settled for one day, and Box Hill for the next,the weather appearing exactly right.
Ashton, with twenty-five men, pursued, and overtook the savages, and a smart fight ensued, which lasted two hours; but they being superior in number, obliged Captain Ashton's party to retreat, with the loss of eight killed, and four mortally wounded; their brave commander himself being numbered among the dead.
Nothing seems to have kept Colter from continuing with the party to the shores of the Pacific but the circumstances of his having recently married.
A ride of about an hour more brought the party to a neat farmhouse, where the weary travellers were received to an abundant breakfast.
And because it works better, when anything seemeth to be gotten from you by question, than if you offer it of yourself, you may lay a bait for a question, by showing another visage, and countenance, than you are wont; to the end to give occasion, for the party to ask, what the matter is of the change?
For another thing, parties that issue subpoenas should be aware that courts are much more willing to shift the costs of production from the responding party to the requesting party in cases where the requesting party has not sufficiently protected the producing party from "undue burden or expense.
The key is for the Democratic Party to adopt the following, or something like it, into our party platform:
Disagreements over slavery eventually caused the party to disband.
The party also shook off the attempts by the Communist Party to penetrate it.
4) He proceeds to enumerate criticisms of the Party to his fellow writer, Party member, and friend, calling into question the Party theory that a Communist must be portrayed as a hero at all times, disallowing any complexity, if not contradiction, in characters.
From that point on, a third party specializing in collections can motivate a resident/responsible party to pay in ways that you cannot, because of both the perceived and real consequences of dealing with a collection agency or attorney.
In July 1948, the liberal mayor of Minneapolis, Hubert Humphrey, rose at the Democratic National Convention and urged his party to embrace the cause of civil rights for black Americans.
1 It allows the offending party to maintain and repair the relationship.
She expects the party to continue to attract broader support, especially from minorities, labor, students and other demographic groups that have expressed high dissatisfaction with the political status quo.