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One aspect of the Caribbean immigrant experience conspicuously overlooked in historical scholarship is their history within the Democratic Party. The view that politics is concerned only with elective offices is simplistic.
In general, the purposes of FCPA due diligence with respect to third parties with which a business relationship is proposed are: (1) to assess the reputation of the third party, especially with regard to ethical issues; and (2) to determine whether any foreign official may be involved in the third party as an owner, officer, director, or employee, so that the risks of that involvement can be evaluated and appropriate safeguards developed.
Continuing minority government is a strong possibility and its possible that we could have even more than the four parties now sitting in the federal parliament if the Green party makes gains and another Quebec-oriented party were to emerge.
* Amounts that are paid by an indemnitee in respect of an indemnifiable third-party claim (such as, consequential damages paid by an indemnitee to a third party should be recoverable against the indemnifying party, even though recovery of consequential damages is otherwise prohibited).
The Supreme Court subsequently reversed and held that a private party that has not been sued under [section] 106 or [section] 107 may not obtain contribution under CERCLA from other PRPs.
Roosevelt bolted the Republican Party and a few weeks later, he was nominated by the Progressive Party, a coalition of mostly insurgent liberal Republicans.
Turkey's Supreme Electoral Council issued a mandate to Ekrem Imamoglu for the position of the Head of the Istanbul municipality, while the Turkish ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) recently officially appealed to the YSK to hold the repeat elections in Istanbul.
BAINES Paul Richard, Conservative Party JARVIS Alan Spence, UK Independence Party UKIP MCALLISTER Glyn Stanley, Labour Party MILLS Philip, The Green Party POTTER Lee, Labour Party SIMPSON Rob, Liberal Democrats TAYLOR Deborah, Conservative Party.
Among the political parties that signed the agreement are the Action Alliance, Alliance for Democracy, Africa Democratic Party, Action Democratic Party, All Grand Alliance Party, Action Peoples Party and Advanced Congress of Democrats.
According to a circular issued to the parties, each party needs to fulfill this before submitting their applications.
The ECP in a circular asked the registered political parties about criteria each party needs to fulfil to qualify for the election symbol to contest next general elections.
"The two parties will hopefully be able to reach a consensus on the merged party's name and relevant issues by Feb.