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He said that any such political party which has failed to submit party account statements within due time will not be allowed to contest any future election and these political parties will not be issued party symbol by the ECP.
section][section] 53a-187, 53a-188 (criminal proscription: one party consent); [section]52-570d (civil liability: all party consent except for police);
As great as the Republican Party is--and I have been fortunate to work with that party for many years and still have the highest regard for it--the Constitution is under such assault in this day and age.
For another thing, parties that issue subpoenas should be aware that courts are much more willing to shift the costs of production from the responding party to the requesting party in cases where the requesting party has not sufficiently protected the producing party from "undue burden or expense.
No later than 30 days before the arbitration session, each party will prepare a summary of its position for consideration by the arbitrator and submit the summary to him or her.
As Bush becomes a lame duck and the presidential race begins without a consensus nominee, a party that has papered over every choice about its direction will meet reality.
At our firm, we don't finalize any numbers until we review all the facts with each party and counsel to ensure we have a full understanding.
The raw-sex party scene made headlines in May when a 24-year-old college-educated black man announced that condoms would be banned at a party called Raw Dukes, which he was hosting at his Harlem apartment.
The initial victim jurisdiction did not include the original vendor's address on the registry; therefore, the letter and power of attorney form, drafted by the third party, likewise did not contain an address or any other contact information regarding the vendor it supposedly represented.
The Federalist Party, led by Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton, fought for a strong central government controlled by the educated classes.
The law bans soft money at the national level, and prohibits federal elected officials and national party leaders from raising, spending, transferring or controlling any funds not governed by federal contribution limits.
The regulations under Section 7216 provide an exemption from this law for tax return preparers who disclose taxpayer information to a third party for the purpose of having the third party process the return (note there is no requirement in Section 7216 or its regulations for a member to inform the client that a third-party provider is being used).