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Each partner contributed employees to the joint venture and shares costs equally.
The Oracle Partner Resource Network is a single point of contact for existing and potential Oracle partners that provides fast and accurate answers to all partner enquiries about the use of the Oracle PartnerNetwork, the benefits partners will receive and how to make the best use of these Oracle partner resources.
SAP will also expand their channel partner community worldwide, recruiting partners with industry-specific experience and a 100-percent focus on the SMB market.
When considering strategic partnerships involving other early-stage firms, Heller recommends going even further -- checking the references of the partner company's management team, having an attorney look into any legal implications and talking to some of the firm's customers.
* partner's commitment to improving a foundry's business and processing operations;
Net value approach: The proposed regulations provide that a disregarded entity's payment obligation for which a partner is treated as bearing the economic risk of loss is taken into account only to the extent of the disregarded entity's net value.
Partner Plus is a key pillar of Cisco's Partner Led strategy, which is designed to empower and rewards channel partners to lead the sale with SMB customers.
And BakerSimmons, 39, and her partner Wanda Shelley, 37, were looking for a way to gain entry to the television arena.
However, compared with women who did not have any new sex partners, women who had one or more than one new partner had a sharply elevated risk (harard ratios, 6.5 and 23.3, respectively).
Listen to out partner George Zuber and you'll hear how this Big Four accounting firm stood by gay employees and embraced diversity before many others got "on that bandwagon." "I chose Deloitte primarily because of its value of people toward diversity," says Zuber, who joined the firm 23 years ago.
And in many other simultaneous hermaphrodites, if one partner deposited sperm into the other's reproductive tract, elaborate plumbing would divert a sizable portion of the sperm to digestive organs, presumably as a snack for the recipient.
Among the first domestic partnership issues to reach the California courts is the narrow question of whether or not a surviving registered domestic partner whose partner died prior to Jan.
With respect to protecting the camp, however, a question might fairly be asked whether seeking releases or waivers from camp families is the act of a "partner." The law generally protects the camp from the inherent risks of its activities, and those which might otherwise be assumed by the camper.