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partition (something) into (something)

To divide some larger space into multiple smaller spaces. Instead of moving us into a larger office, they're just partitioning the existing space into a bunch of tiny cubicles to fit the new employees. We decided to partition our father's land into three equal sections for each sibling.
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partition (something) off

To separate and isolate a portion or section of a larger space or body by erecting a barrier of some sort around it or between them. Sometimes used figuratively. I finally partitioned my office space off with a proper wall and door to help keep it separate from the rest of the house. We've partitioned off our real estate ventures from the rest of our business because of the volatility of the market recently. I partitioned off a second hard drive on the computer to keep sensitive information secure from hackers.
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partition (something into something)

to divide or separate something into something [smaller]. I will partition this room into two separate spaces. Do you think you can partition this box into four compartments so we can store files by quarter?

partition something off

to divide off a section of something. They planned to partition the basement off. We will partition off a larger area.
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partition off

To divide or separate something by or as if by means of a partition: The construction workers partitioned off each office with drywall. My vacation was almost ruined when my wallet was stolen, but I've partitioned that event off from my memories of the trip.
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A SIGNAL EVENT in global history, the South-Asian Partition of 1947 involved the world's largest mass migration of human beings, sectarian violence at an unprecedented scale and the simultaneous formation of the states of India, West Pakistan, and East Pakistan (now Bangladesh).
Large chunks of data can be deleted very efficiently by dropping partitions.
The designated under the procedure of competitive company enter into a partnership agreement that hold a non-exclusive partnership for the supply of movable partitions shielded director price holders contractors works contracts and holders of global markets for the supply and installation of movable partitions armor that would later chosen by the group command real estate division.
In addition to "Aomei Partition 3+2 Concept", the latest version adds new features including: merge two partitions without data loss; split one big partition into two or more; convert primary partition to logical and vice versa; support for GPT disk up to 4TB and USB flash drive; as well as compatibility with Windows 8 Developer Preview, Windows Home Server 2011 and Windows Small Business Server 2011.
Four Partitions: One Read-only Partition designated for AutoRun feature, Two Read-Write Partitions and One Hidden Partition, ie, in total 4 partitions.
Demountable partitions are individual wall panels that can be removed and reinstalled and usually connect to a ceiling grid and to the floor," Reinhart explains.
The solution supports partition of hard drive and performs more complicated disk management operations, such as resizing/moving partitions, extending system partition, copying partition and disk, repartitioning hard drive, wiping partition and hard drive or merging and splitting partitions.
Their claim is symptomatic of a growing insistence on the importance of the comparative study of partition in the humanities as well as the social sciences, signaled not only by books like Jassal and Ben-Ari's (both are anthropologists), but also within the far more developed field of Indian partition studies, where humanities scholars regularly note the relationship between the partition of the subcontinent and other twentieth-century partitions (Pandey, Remembering Partition 1; Francisco 372; Kaul xiii).
In this paper we consider only those partitions of number n possessing graphical sequence.
While a separate jury acquitted the tenants responsible for building the illegal partitions of the same charges, the building owner was deemed to have known about the hazards and not have done enough to get the partitions removed.
Lost or accidentally deleted partitions are easily restored with the partition recovery tool.
The number 4, for instance, has five partitions (see box; p.
The most common decomposition approach exploits a problem's inherent data parallelism-breaking the problem into pieces by identifying the data subsets, or partitions, that comprise the individual tasks, then distributing those tasks and the corresponding data partitions to the compute nodes for processing.
That hypervisor layer allows a much larger number of logical partitions to be put on a Power-based server than what was possible in the past.
OSE's Memory Management System (MMS) is used extensively throughout the N2000 to help provide secure partitions for each virtual switch.