partition (something) off

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partition (something) off

To separate and isolate a portion or section of a larger space or body by erecting a barrier of some sort around it or between them. Sometimes used figuratively. I finally partitioned my office space off with a proper wall and door to help keep it separate from the rest of the house. We've partitioned off our real estate ventures from the rest of our business because of the volatility of the market recently. I partitioned off a second hard drive on the computer to keep sensitive information secure from hackers.
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partition (something into something)

to divide or separate something into something [smaller]. I will partition this room into two separate spaces. Do you think you can partition this box into four compartments so we can store files by quarter?

partition something off

to divide off a section of something. They planned to partition the basement off. We will partition off a larger area.
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partition off

To divide or separate something by or as if by means of a partition: The construction workers partitioned off each office with drywall. My vacation was almost ruined when my wallet was stolen, but I've partitioned that event off from my memories of the trip.
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Sliding doors are an effective option for partitioning off the space and can make the walk-in wardrobe available to almost any bedroom.
A ring of charmeuse and polyester mesh curtains dominated the gallery within, pushing those two talismans near the door to the periphery of one's vision and partitioning off a space-within-a-space semi-visible through the dark hanging mesh.
Partitioning off the enclosures on those dates would help create a better atmosphere.
No longer are merchants partitioning off products such as shea butter or hair care for textured hair.
But unlike the Eurovision Song Contest which is a joke, this was not, becoming a clandestine way of partitioning off the former Soviet Union and the more troublesome Middle East.
Other ways of encouraging staff cafe use the food service operator can implement include partitioning off small areas with seating for from eight to 12, which informal groups can use in place of reserved conference rooms, which often are in short supply, he added.
"It is possible that activated glia cells (nonneuronal cells that perform a number of tasks in the brain) may play some role in the response, perhaps by partitioning off the infarcted region and limiting the spread of ischemic brain damage without inducing scar formation."
Dombrovskis has previously said that the bank's restructuring foresees partitioning off some of the bank's functions, as well as partitioning off the bank's 'bad assets.'
"I understood that there are regulations about partitioning off building work.
Partitioning off of land, and repeated disturbances rapidly lead to reductions in population sizes - meaning there will be no new recruits to Santa's team in areas where we humans have destroyed their homes.
Approximately 41% of survey respondents have contacted a wireless licensee about partitioning off a portion of its geographic service territory or splitting off a portion of its spectrum for use by the respondent's company, and 12% have been approached by another company about sharing spectrum they controlled.