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partition (something) into (something)

To divide some larger space into multiple smaller spaces. Instead of moving us into a larger office, they're just partitioning the existing space into a bunch of tiny cubicles to fit the new employees. We decided to partition our father's land into three equal sections for each sibling.
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partition (something) off

To separate and isolate a portion or section of a larger space or body by erecting a barrier of some sort around it or between them. Sometimes used figuratively. I finally partitioned my office space off with a proper wall and door to help keep it separate from the rest of the house. We've partitioned off our real estate ventures from the rest of our business because of the volatility of the market recently. I partitioned off a second hard drive on the computer to keep sensitive information secure from hackers.
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partition (something into something)

to divide or separate something into something [smaller]. I will partition this room into two separate spaces. Do you think you can partition this box into four compartments so we can store files by quarter?

partition something off

to divide off a section of something. They planned to partition the basement off. We will partition off a larger area.
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partition off

To divide or separate something by or as if by means of a partition: The construction workers partitioned off each office with drywall. My vacation was almost ruined when my wallet was stolen, but I've partitioned that event off from my memories of the trip.
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For our hypergraph partitioner, we chose the number of parts as [m/b], where b is the block size.
Cur rently, a variety of hypergraph partitioners are available: PaToH [4, 5, 6], which was the first hypergraph partitioner to be used for sparse matrix partitioning; hMetis [16], a hypergraph version of the Metis graph partitioner; Mondriaan [23], a two-dimensional hypergraph-based sparse matrix partitioner, which can also be used to solve hypergraph partitioning problems by running it in one-dimensional mode; MONET [15], a hypergraph-based matrix ordering package, which permutes the rows and columns of a matrix to obtain a bordered block-diagonal form; Zoltan [10], a dynamic load balancing library for a wide range of parallel applications, which has recently been extended by a serial hypergraph partitioner [2]; MI-part [3], a multilevel hypergraph partitioner developed for circ[u.
Solsoft and Net Partitioner are trademarks of Solsoft.
Founded in 1996 in Paris, France, Solsoft has quickly become the leading provider of softwaroduct, Net Partitioner, is targeted at large enterprise organizations seeking to define and automate the implementation and management of global network access policy -- the partitioning of the network into secure zones -- with well-defined rules controlling the IP service flows between them.
Solsoft's Net Partitioner can now enable complete access security policy definition and implementation on all Nortel Networks Passport integrated routing cards.
Through the SimMatrix electrical simulator backplane and SimPrism multi-source partitioner, designers can seamlessly combine and concurrently apply simulation tools from Analogy, Cadence, Chronologic, IBM, IKOS, Mentor Graphics, Synopsys/EPIC, and Viewlogic.
The Partitioner dynamically partitions and switches the synchronous portions of a design to the CBS engine and the asynchronous portion to either the compiled code, interpreted or gate-level simulation engines.
SCSI application utilities: SCSI Tape Backup, QuickScan, CD Player, Photo CD Viewer, Advanced Power Management, SCSI Interrogator, SCSI Disk Partitioner, SCSITutor and SCSI Bench
Distrusting mechanistic explanations in terms of economic growth or the European balance, the authors consider the intentions in the minds of the partitioners themselves.
A perfect equality will indeed be produced; that is to say, equal want, equal wretchedness, equal beggary, and on the part of the partitioners, a woeful, helpless, and desperate disappointment.
WALKER CONTRACTS CIS METAL STUD FIXERS The firm are looking for CIS metal stud fixers and partitioners to erect partition walls on new-build school projects in Glasgow and Greenock.