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partition (something into something)

to divide or separate something into something [smaller]. I will partition this room into two separate spaces. Do you think you can partition this box into four compartments so we can store files by quarter?

partition something off

to divide off a section of something. They planned to partition the basement off. We will partition off a larger area.
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partition off

To divide or separate something by or as if by means of a partition: The construction workers partitioned off each office with drywall. My vacation was almost ruined when my wallet was stolen, but I've partitioned that event off from my memories of the trip.
See also: off, partition
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Merge Partition: once users select a partition to merge, Partition Wizard 9.
Featured in its simple and friendly interface, Vimx Partition Recovery is very easy to use; users can directly scan and recover data from iOS devices with Vimx Partition Recovery.
The new release features: new interface and three built-in wizards; Partition Copy, that is the ability copy/migrate partition to the unallocated space on the hard disk to protect data; Disk Copy, the ability copy/clone hard drive to backup data without operating system and applications reinstallation; as well as Copy with Resize, the ability to resize (shrink or enlarge) partitions during copy process in order to fit target space.
My approach builds on previous efforts to describe common characteristics among partition literatures, most notably Joe Cleary's book Literature, Partition and the Nation-State, as well as the existing scholarship on comparative approaches to twentieth-century partitions and the cultural effects and legacies of partition in particular locations.
Now if we introduce two new vertex and joining them by an edge, then the resulting graph will also be a regular graph of degree 1 which represents the partition (1 + 1) + (1 + 1) + .
Partition Manager was made with a focus on the accuracy and safety of its operations.
Offering the ability to handle today's large 500 GB+ drives as well as supporting external, USB and FireWire drives, Partition Commander 10 provides an "insurance policy" against an array of system threats.
Ramanujan also discovered that starting with the 5th partition number, every 7th partition number is divisible by 7, and starting with the 6th partition number, every llth partition number is divisible by 11.
The lender must be sure that as part of both the tenancy agreement and the loan documents, any party desiring partition is required to offer to sell its interests to the other tenants and those tenants are required to purchase such interests.
The question now is how IBM will map the logical partitions to these virtual processors.
Free for home users, EaseUS Partition Master Free is available here: http://www.
The company said that the software, which is offered in four editions (Partition Manager Personal, Partition Manager Professional, Partition Manager Server and Partition Manager for Virtual Server), supports all traditional basic and advanced scenarios of partitioning with tools for maintaining virtual machines available in the Virtual Server edition, which supports all popular virtual machine formats and provides all variety of partitioning routines to be performed over virtual machines in offline mode.
Once a bee was choosing correctly about three times out of four, the researchers repeatedly lengthened the tunnel beyond the partition.
You can create a hidden partition and then schedule backups to a complete image and incremental images onto this hidden partition.
PartitionMagic now allows users to split FAT and FAT32 partitions by selecting root files and folders that will be in the new partition.