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the particulars

The specific, important details or finer points of something. He wanted to schedule a meeting so we could go over the particulars of the deal. Just let me know what the particulars are and I'll see if I can help.
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particulars (of something)

specific details about something. My boss stressed the important particulars of the project. What are the particulars of your request?
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or more, are entitled by law to receive a written statement from their employer setting out the main particulars of their employment.
How can an employee enforce the right to a written statement of employment particulars? A.
Out of total particulars received and shared, the scrutiny of 10,000 particulars has been completed and received by the ECP.
It said the commission has forwarded these particulars to the Returning Officers (RO) while remaining are in process.
In their responses, students frequently traced the "arc of the story" or focused on imagery or on changes in one character in that particular section of the novel.
Natural Particulars edited by Anthony Grafton and Nancy Siraisi presents a collection of thirteen essays that were first presented in a workshop, "Renaissance Natural Philosophy and the Disciplines" held at the Dibner Institute for the History of Science and Technology at M.I.T.
The complicated "East-West" contortions of intelligentsia identity, for example, are not much explored, though they certainly informed debates about the meanings of Russification; there is no substantive engagement with recent Western research on the dynamics of ethnicity, religion, and imperialism in the Middle Volga region (I am thinking in particular of the dissertations and articles by Robert Geraci and Paul Werth); and interesting propositions, such as the fact that Muslim Tatars pursued their own "regional imperialism" within the larger imperialism of the Russian empire or that the Ilminskii method ultimately proved much more successful in the Middle Volga than in any of the state's other "alien" regions, are stated but at best only barely explained (pp.121, 98).
All human cells contain the same complement of genes, but only about 5 percent of these genes are active in a particular cell.
During the 1980s, and in particular the last few years, there has been significant restructuring of industry in the European Community, much of it long overdue.
Marchand suggests that particulars of pose, placement, and costume would have allowed contemporary viewers not only to differentiate between intentional, identifiable portraits and casual bystanders, but also to gather more specific social information.
The written statement of employment particulars must include the following details: * The names of the employer and employee * The date when the employment began * Hours of work * Rate of pay * Holiday entitlement * Any entitlement to sick pay * Details of any pension arrangements * Job title * The place of work * Notice requirements Q.
Cardano is presented not as the emblem of a single ancient tradition (despite his Hippocratism) or a single religious moment; he appears rather as a writer who in was in some respects typical of more general trends in sixteenth-century Italian medicine (including its Hippocratism, its growing attention to particulars and unusual cases, its interest in occult causation) and in some respects idiosyncratic, as in his ongoing project of self-construction through periodic interpretations and reinterpretations of his horoscope and dreams.
Wright noted that Thomas Lambe, normally identified as a General Baptist, wrote a pamphlet defending particular election as well as general redemption, and that his 1645 Fountain of Free Grace Opened explicitly condemned Arminianism.
What such a cursory glance over some of the major political documents of American history makes clear is that the texts of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States have been used to serve the particular interests of numerous exclusive and hostile-to-each-other political parties who "compete to give their particular aims a temporary function of universal representation" (Laclau 90).