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participate (in something) (with someone or something)

to take part in something with someone or a group. I will not participate in this activity with you. They don't participate with our team in this contest.
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i] is the Shapley Value of participator i, and is the aggregation of the contributions made by i to all the coalitions in which it may be present.
As a passing of the distance participator must follow the given trajectory passing through the check points.
I was able to get some people from the Club in Melbourne to sponsor drama events (Lynette, Burnside, frequent participator, $1000+ weekly household income, 66yo).
For example, an effective participator engages in activities under teacher-directed, peer-directed, semi-directed (an assigned task), and non-directed instructional conditions, whereas a non-participator does not engage in these instructional conditions.
The citizen of a ward-republic was to be no impotent voter, no cipher in the civil life of his community but rather "a participator in the government of affairs, not merely at an election one day in the year, but every day.
The Participator, 2004, is my favorite, a beautiful surrealist sculpture representing a woman.
13) makes the narrator a participator in the events, so that she can hear Nugent accusing her of phantasizing herself into misery: 'Now look at what you've got' (p.
The writer's astute belief in the interrelationship of drama and politics, informed by known scholarship (Baz Kershaw, George Szanto, Graham Holderness), brings into sharp relief an understanding of theater as participator in political struggle, intervening in the audiences' perception of themselves and their society, and encouraging a reevaluation of old assumptions.
Over 300 students and community leaders attended a full day of participator learning, with workshops such as "Beyond Organics" and "Challenging the Myth of Industrial Agriculture.
blends statistics with history and participator research to provide a study holding broad implications for students of urban studies, from history and economics to sociology.
Kidman, 38, who volunteered for the post, explained: "My father always said, 'You need to be involved - don't be a voyeur, be a participator.
For example, were they a participator or spectator, and how does winning and losing feel?
As an adult, I am a voracious speed-reader of biographies, an avid gardener and I still love sports, both as participator and spectator.
The O&M staff of a facility going through any type of commissioning is a regular and routine participator in the commissioning process as they are integral in testing, documenting, and maintaining all of the systems in question.
I am a regular participator in the Hospice Walkabout,' said Dr Bloomfield who will be joined on the run with practice manager Sarah Morris.
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