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participate (in something) (with someone or something)

to take part in something with someone or a group. I will not participate in this activity with you. They don't participate with our team in this contest.
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Even the mildest form of group pressure against the participator can result in internal conflict, possible feelings of guilt, and a lower motivation to participate and to work creatively.
1294 of participators are male, 1629 are female and 12 of these are also participator students who did not answer this question.
As Dr Mark James, an expert on the interface between the Criminal Law and Sport, points out in Chapter 15 on 'The Criminal Law and Participator Violence' in 'Sports Law' by Gardiner, James, O'Leary, Welch, Blackshaw, Boyes and Caiger, Cavendish Publishing, London, Third Edition, 2006: ".
This is part of an occasional series of articles as part of NLC's project on democratic governance, which is about governing a community in participator, deliberative and collaborative ways and building a relationship with citizens based on trust.
Co-ordinator Alan Turnbull says: "People lacking sufficient skills can be neither a full contributor nor participator in deriving the full benefits society has to offer.
Regis, Sheraton and Westin, provided $200 million as a junior participator in the debt acquisition.
After missing the Masters cut, Monty took his family ski-ing in Switzerland but elected to be a spectator rather than a participator.
To engage in sporting activities on a Sunday either as a participator or spectator, is to blatantly defy God's Fourth Commandment,"he said.
Communicator, Discoverer, Goal-setter, Participator - whatever the means, the ends remain the same: To succeed, knowledge about your profession is an absolute must.
He observed that PML-Q is stakeholder and participator of the democratic system, and said politics is inclusive job democracy cant be stabilized without peoples participation.
Gallery owner Jess Wilder said: "She was an observer, not a participator and I think the people in her paintings were the people she wished she was.
President Sarkosy and Valery Giscard d'Estaing have recently spoken about giving the UK a special status within the EU, the thought being that the pernicious effects of continual UK sniping at further integration could be avoided if the UK was not a full participator in the European 'project'.
The number one fear of any information system project manag er is that the participator level, often measured in call volume or "hits," will drop off when the system ceases to be new and excitng.
Muslim League-N issued the ticket to disqualified contestant, Malik Yasir while PPP has not issued ticket to any participator, however indirectly supporting independent contestant.
The Atkins EDF Energy Consortium brings together Atkins - one of the country's leading highways and civil engineering companies - and EDF Energy, one of the largest energy companies in the UK and a major participator in the PFI market.
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