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participate (in something) (with someone or something)

to take part in something with someone or a group. I will not participate in this activity with you. They don't participate with our team in this contest.
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L'auteure montre que liee directement aux situations de crises, la participation a travers la grammaire participative geddessienne semble offrir des strategies inedites pour surmonter celles-ci et s'adapter a l'echelle et a la nature des problemes qu'elles posent aux urbanistes et aux architectes.
Les auteurs accordent une grande place a l'analyse des objectifs des approches systemiques environnementale et sociale, a l'importance de la consultation, du consentement et de l'inclusion de tous les acteurs, ainsi qu'aux obstacles institutionnels de la recherche participative.
Participative cultures generally adopt an egalitarian philosophy.
For participative management to succeed within your organization, four specific circumstances must exist.
It would be nice if the move towards true participative management would accelerate and expand throughout the workplaces of the United States.
Procurement the Goal Is to Purchase Services Services for Achieving Scientific Studies, Reports and Management Plans for Protected Natural Areas Within the A System for Biodiversity Conservation Association at County - Implementation of Integrated Management, Participative and Unitary Protected Natural Areas Harghita County - Cnrs Smis Code 45673, Project Financing Obtained By the Sop - Axis 4.
The most effective way for trainers to evaluate their executive programmes is through user-friendly participative and interactive methods.
Advocates of employee participation, who often include management consultants, industrial-organizational psychologists as well as managers and executives, believe that the vast majority of employees wish to become actively involved in their work; that they desire and have the ability, knowledge and expertise to assume greater responsibility in the workplace and can make some significant contribution to their organizations; that they seek to fulfill many of their psychological needs through their work; and that participative management stimulates employee enthusiasm and willingness to carry out decisions in which they have been involved.
Participative leaders say, "It's foolish to make decisions alone on matters that affect people.
Two dichotomies can be combined to produce four combinations of perceptual and judgmental modes that are pertinent to participative decision-making.
He keeps a book by Michael Maccoby, the guru of participative management, on his desk, and sits on the board of Harvard's Program on Technology, Public Policy, and Human Development, which Maccoby directs.
In chapters 5, 6 and 7 the author offers examples of recent experiments in participative management, including what he terms "managerialism" (every employee a manager involved in decisionmaking, usually with no unions present), the quality of work life (QWL) experiments, and recent attempts at even more extensive worker participation in decisionmaking.
Participative management increases productivity in clinical laboratories.
Aims at Participative Event Platform for Media Shows and Corporate Conferences
En optant pour le dialogue national pour promouvoir et rehabiliter le role de la societe civile dans le renforcement de la democratie participative, le Maroc est sorti au terme d'une annee de concertations entre tous les partenaires dote d'un referentiel singulier pour aller de l'avant dans ce domaine, a affirme vendredi le ministre charge des relations avec le parlement et la societe civile, Lahbib Choubani a l'ouverture d'un seminaire international organise dans le cadre de la celebration de la premiere edition de la Journee nationale de la societe civile.
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