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participate in (something) (with one)

To join in some action, situation, or event (with one). They asked me if I would like to participate in the post-show discussion with the other actors. If you don't want to participate in any sports, then I'd like you to do something else that involves socializing with other kids.
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participate (in something) (with someone or something)

to take part in something with someone or a group. I will not participate in this activity with you. They don't participate with our team in this contest.
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The item will often be periodically returned to a central laboratory acting as a reference laboratory for testing, before being passed on to the next successive participating laboratory in order to determine whether any change has taken place to it or to its assigned reference values.
27) In addition, an election may be made to deem an NRE to own a proportionate amount of an affiliate's assets (rather than a participating interest in an affiliate) if the NRE has a direct or indirect significant interest (28) in the affiliate and, if the Unconsolidated Election is hot made, the affiliate is not included in the NRE's consolidated financial statements.
During the entire 8-week surveillance period, in New Jersey, participating hospitals provided reports a mean of 89% (range 18% to 100%) of days during which they participated in surveillance; in Delaware, the mean was 86% (range 82% to 91%); and in Pennsylvania, the mean was 74% (range 23% to 94%).
Participating in professional associations provides opportunities to
Each participating district then purchases seats in BOCES program offerings.
Participating mortgages have recently become a very expedient way for foreign capital to invest in U.
As an alternative to currently deducting eligible timber-related expenditures, materially participating woodland owners may capitalize them if they so choose in years during which no income is produced from the property.
Using formative evaluation data, professionals in participating schools learn to make better instructional and curricular decisions and are in a better position to accelerate learning (cf.
T]he prior and anticipated earnings per share, the cash dividends per share, the book value per share, the extent of preference and of participation of each class, both absolutely and relative to each other, and any other facts which indicate whether or not the stock has a real and meaningful probability of actually participating in the earnings and growth of the corporation.
Where these conditions are all met, the Canadian taxpayer must include a specified return in computing income equal to a prescribed interest rate multiplied by the "designated cost" of the participating interest.
The task force on participating mortgages has issued an exposure draft of a proposed statement of position, Accounting by Participating Mortgage Loan Borrowers.
Results indicated that the Lafayette Middle School students participating in the Lighthouse Partnership After-School Service-Learning Program showed statistically significant increases in Social and Academic Responsibility scores.
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