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participate in (something) (with one)

To join in some action, situation, or event (with one). They asked me if I would like to participate in the post-show discussion with the other actors. If you don't want to participate in any sports, then I'd like you to do something else that involves socializing with other kids.
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participate (in something) (with someone or something)

to take part in something with someone or a group. I will not participate in this activity with you. They don't participate with our team in this contest.
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In addition to the possibility that students will be more motivated to participate in online classroom discussions because they want interaction, the online discussion format itself offers certain advantages over traditional classroom environments.
Besides these, it is also mandatory for all accredited and applicant (for accreditation) laboratories to participate successfully in a proficiency testing program in their respective scope of testing.
This is only available to eligible real estate professionals who materially participate in a rental real estate activity.
Service clubs - such as Rotary, Kiwanis and Lions - have also been invited to participate as corporations with their members endorsing their stipend checks over to the clubs as a fund-raiser.
people who are not participating in a wage subsidy program are more likely to remain unemployed in order to search for a better job than those who participate in a subsidy program.
The Supreme Court's ruling on June 27, 2002, giving public school authorities the green light to conduct random, suspicious drug testing of all junior and senior high school students wishing to participate in extracurricular activities, teaches by example.
To date, seven Indiana facilities have agreed to participate in the pilot program, with another facility that is already ISO 14001 certified acting as a mentor.
The Big Five accoun-ting firms agreed to participate in an SEC-sponsored retrospective review program.
The second exception requires that the taxpayer participate in the transaction during the ordinary course of business and determine there is a long-standing and generally accepted understanding that the tax benefits are allowable.
Four states will participate as Cash and Counseling Demonstration sites: Arkansas, New Jersey, New York, and Florida.
the professional associations that participate in the accreditation of
Students observe major trials, attend public safety hearings, and participate in a broad spectrum of other activities that cannot be replicated in a traditional classroom setting.
The women, ranging from ages 28 to 50, did not participate in house hold chores or child rearing, nor attended to their won activity of daily living (ADL) needs.
Is there any room in our church today for "behind the pillar" Catholics who are not quite ready to fully participate in the Mass?
2 timber held as part of a trade or business in which the taxpayer does not materially participate (thus, a passive activity).