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*partial to someone or something

favoring or preferring someone or something. (*Typically: be ~; get ~.) The boys think their teacher is partial to female students. I am partial to vanilla ice cream.
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Acar: Fixed point theorems for weak contractions in the sense of Berinde on partial metric spaces, Topology Appl.
c] the algebra of all linear partial differential operator in 2n + 1 independent variables z,[x.
The fact that this operator "follows the motion of the point in the rotating frame" means, that the partial time derivative operator only operates on the coordinates of the point (r, [theta], z), but it gives zero when applied on the base vectors [e.
Chickenley JI&N School, partial - 3 classes closed;
We make this assumption since partial liability would make the modeling more cumbersome without any qualitative change in the results.
Eckhardt of Penn State University in State College, who examined the Flores partial skeleton and associated remains last February, agrees.
2] and some of the partial derivatives of the first order at those points.
1) Long after his study, Bennett in 1960 reported partial success in the treatment of chronic subglottic stenosis by using an autologous hyoid bone graft.
This is a partial verdict," said Howard Rubenstein, a Silverstein spokesman.
Partial transactions can exist anywhere that relationships between data exist, such as within a single file, between files, within databases distributed across multiple.
The plan provides that, on a termination or partial termination of the plan, all affected participants will vest 100% in their account balances.
The partial derivatives of the factor prices in (17) are general equilibrium ones.
Its theoretical substructure is nourished by the thesis that the public, once thought of as an inclusive social body, has been splintered into partial publics.
Nick heads back to the North Pole early Christmas morning, he'll leave a rare gift not seen since 1954 and one that won't be seen again until the year 2307 - a partial eclipse.
But cashing or depositing a partial payment check can be risky, says Chicago attorney Neil Neumark.
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