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partial to (someone or something)

Particularly fond of someone or something; having someone or something as one's favorite or preference. I know Janet likes the cream color, but I'm partial to the robin's-egg blue, myself. I'm always been partial to you, Tom, so I'm willing to give you the benefit of the doubt in this situation.
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*partial to someone or something

favoring or preferring someone or something. (*Typically: be ~; get ~.) The boys think their teacher is partial to female students. I am partial to vanilla ice cream.
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This book uses an algebraic point of view to study partial dynamical systems, including partial actions on several categories, namely sets, topological spaces, algebras, and C*-algebras.
a global leader in musculoskeletal healthcare, today announced the launch of the Persona Partial Knee System, the latest addition to its portfolio of personalized and anatomically designed knee implant systems.
The global introduction of the Persona Partial Knee System is the combined Company's first major product launch and fills a significant gap in our knee portfolio," said Daniel Florin, Interim Chief Executive Officer, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer.
We present a survey of recent developments in the theory of partial actions of groups and Hopf algebras.
Partial array A of size (m, n) over [SIGMA], a finite alphabet, is partial function A : [Z.
The finite difference method (FDM) is a conventional numerical method commonly used in computational science because partial differential equations can be directly discretized [1-3].
Nasa estimate that the solar eclipse will be visible around Wales at the following times: CARDIFF Start of the partial eclipse: 8.
Tas: Existence and uniqueness of a common fixed point on partial metric spaces, Appl.
People need to do more to maintain their partial dentures in good condition, a survey from GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare has found.
In dealing with the non existence of solutions of partial differential operators it was customary during the last fifty years and it still is to day in larger applications, to appeal to the necessary Hormander condition which guarantees the non existence of solutions on [R.
where the dot denotes the partial derivative with respect to time.
Taking the partial derivative with respect to time we obtain
1 : not complete <a partial success> <a partial eclipse>
n][right arrow] R, we denote the first order partial derivative by [[partial derivative]u(x)/[partial derivative][x.
Batley Business & Enterprise College, partial - Open to Yr 9 only;
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