partake of (something)

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partake of (something)

1. To eat, drink, or ingest something; to consume something. Let us partake of a light supper before we begin our journey. I never partake of drugs or alcohol.
2. To experience or take part in something; to avail of something. There were hundreds of people partaking of the numerous activities at the county fair. He decided to go to the more expensive university in New York rather than partake of a free college education in his home state.
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partake of something

1. to have a portion of something, such as food or drink. Would you care to partake of this apple pie with me? I would like to partake of that fine dinner I see set out on the table.
2. to take part in or experience something. Sarah had always wanted to partake of the good life. Roger had no intention of partaking of the events offered at the fair.
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partake of

To use, consume, or participate in something shared with others: I hope that the guests will partake of the delicious dinner I prepared.
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References in classic literature ?
Nevertheless, many whalemen have a method of absorbing it into some other substance, and then partaking of it.
While partaking of this simple repast, the inmates of Marheyo's house, after the style of the ancient Romans, reclined in sociable groups upon the divan of mats, and digestion was promoted by cheerful conversation.
He shares with us that coming to Him, and believing in Him is the same as partaking of His flesh and drinking His blood.
Ayatollah Khamenei said, "What is urgently necessary for the management and protection of the interests of the nation is the partaking of the nation.
As an infant borne in his mother's womb lives wholly by her, so also the Christian partaking of the Body and Blood of Christ dwells in Christ, as an infant in its mother's womb, and lives wholly by Christ.
Mary Louise Gill, like most other English translators, translates this line: "But if like things are like by partaking of something, won't that be the form itself?" (3) The justification for "like things" is clear enough.
What is the justification for claiming that identity requires partaking of essence that is distinct from that which partakes?
(35) If things with divisible identity owe their existence to partaking of divisible essence, then, if they are cognizable (as opposed to sensible) at all, their essence must be distinct from their identity, even if their existence is not.
Engaging in a clandestine plan, the dragon leaders send Draconas, a human/ dragon hybrid, to search out the Mistress of Dragons who they believe will provide evidence of Maristara's misconduct in teaching dragon magic, partaking of human flesh, and creating her own army of human soldiers.
The partaking of such bottles can be supervised by the classroom teachers or assistants,before embarking on playtime.
Partaking of the larger Americanization campaign and Progressive theories of education, the Park Service promoted national tourism as an opportunity for experiential learning that not only acquainted tourists with the geology, history, flora and fauna of their country, but also allowed them to "imbibe the spirit or essence of America and rekindle their sense of patriotism" (122).
Partaking of various disciplines (including photography, environments, and video), it invites us to share an aesthetic that flirts with a world where cosmetics, fashion, science-fiction movies, and futuristic design converge--all of this seasoned with enormous doses of glamour and then candy coated (probably unintentionally).
We become one with Christ's Body by partaking of it.
That means literally partaking of Christ's Body and Blood in the Eucharist, as well as putting our own bodies and blood at risk for our neighbors in need, as Jesus did.
"The supper of the Lord is not only a sign of that love that Christians ought to have among themselves one to another; but rather a Sacrament of our Redemption by Christ's death; in so much that to such that rightly, worthily, and with faith, receive the same, the Bread which we break is a partaking of the Body of Christ; and likewise the Cup of Blessing is a partaking of the Blood of Christ."