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partake in

To share or participate in some activity. It has recently come to light that the senator partook in secret meetings with foreign spies. I do not partake in spreading rumors, thank you very much.
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partake of

1. To eat, drink, or ingest something; to use or consume something. Let us partake of a light supper before we begin out journey. I never partake of drugs or alcohol.
2. To experience or take part in something; to avail of something. There were hundreds of people partaking of the numerous activities at the county fair. He decided to go to the more expensive university in New York rather than partake of a free college education in his home state.
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partake in something

to participate in something. Valerie does not care to partake in those childish games. I would like to partake in the fun.
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partake of something

1. to have a portion of something, such as food or drink. Would you care to partake of this apple pie with me? I would like to partake of that fine dinner I see set out on the table.
2. to take part in or experience something. Sarah had always wanted to partake of the good life. Roger had no intention of partaking of the events offered at the fair.
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partake in

To participate in some activity; share in something: The reporter criticized the company that partook in the secret meeting with government officials.
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partake of

To use, consume, or participate in something shared with others: I hope that the guests will partake of the delicious dinner I prepared.
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(35) If things with divisible identity owe their existence to partaking of divisible essence, then, if they are cognizable (as opposed to sensible) at all, their essence must be distinct from their identity, even if their existence is not.
That means literally partaking of Christ's Body and Blood in the Eucharist, as well as putting our own bodies and blood at risk for our neighbors in need, as Jesus did.
NNA - Partaking in any government that covers up for mistakes, is impossible, Kataeb party coordinator Sami Gemayel, informed members of his Polit-bureau today.
George Vella THE HAGUE, June 13 (KUNA) -- National Assembly Speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanim on Thursday received President of Malta George Vella, on the sidelines of partaking in the world forum for the culture of peace.
Partaking delegations are coming namely from the United States of America, Australia, Britain, France, Argentine, Uruguay, Brazil, Chili, Colombia, Canada, Mexico, and Colombia.
Nayef Al-Hajraf arrives in Amman for partaking in the World Economic Forum (WEF) on Middle East and North Africa AMMAN, April 5 (KUNA) -- Kuwait's Minister of Finance Dr.
Around 167 countries are partaking in said exhibition, with about ten thousand exhibitors joining.
Kuwaiti Minister of Information Mohammad Al-Jabri TUNIS, March 20 (KUNA) -- Kuwaiti Minister of Information Mohammad Al-Jabri said on Wednesday that Kuwait is partaking in Tunisia's celebrations marking Tunis as Capital of Islamic Culture for cementing the bilateral ties between the two countries.
The 4-tracked-Marathon took place within the Greater Beirut and Baabda District areas with a total of 33370 runners from Lebanon and 96 nations partaking.
The two-day conference addresses terrorism, extremism, nuclear arms proliferation, securing maritime trade, facing various threats against the region as well as "Iran's activities aimed at destabilizing the Middle East." American officials are expected to reveal whole or broad lines of Washington's much-trumpeted settlement for the Middle East, known "as the transaction of the century." Britain, a US key ally, is partaking at the level of the foreign secretary, but Federica Maria Mogherini, the EU High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security, has declared she will not attend the meeting due to her preoccupation with previously set schedules.
NNA - 1/10/2220012 Kataeb Party Head Amine Gemayel returned to Beirut on Monday, coming from Ankara after partaking in the ruling "Development and Justice" Party extraordinary conference.
Representative of His Highness Amir returns home after partaking Saudi Janadriyah festival KUWAIT, Dec 20 (KUNA) -- Representative of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, His Highness the Crown Prince Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, Deputy Commander of the National Guard Sheikh Mishaal Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah and their accompanying delegation returned back home late Thursday after partaking in the 33rd Saudi Janadriyah festival in Riyadh.
Partaking in the Forum shall be representatives of Jordan, Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Palestine, Lebanon, Italy and Cyprus, with every representative giving a briefing on the current educational situation and policies in his respective country.
The KAFO team, partaking in the event, had introduce the attendees to the project's KAFO application and Social Media accounts.
Departure: Tannourine Cedar Forest Arrival: Bcharri Cedars with army, internal security and UNIFIL partaking 7:30 Semi International Marathon code name Colonel Wissam Eid organized by the General Security Directorate in conjunction with Trance Lebanon Club for the runner of the East.