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partake in something

to participate in something. Valerie does not care to partake in those childish games. I would like to partake in the fun.
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partake of something

1. to have a portion of something, such as food or drink. Would you care to partake of this apple pie with me? I would like to partake of that fine dinner I see set out on the table.
2. to take part in or experience something. Sarah had always wanted to partake of the good life. Roger had no intention of partaking of the events offered at the fair.
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partake in

To participate in some activity; share in something: The reporter criticized the company that partook in the secret meeting with government officials.
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partake of

To use, consume, or participate in something shared with others: I hope that the guests will partake of the delicious dinner I prepared.
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References in classic literature ?
Ask me to your table to partake of the dainty of the town, and when I come a barren welcome and a bare board
I had asked Sir Oliver Buttesthorn to do my humble board the honor to partake at it of the dainty upon which we take some little pride, but in sooth this alarm of pirates hath cast such a shadow on my wits that I am like one distrait.
Osborne The neck of venison of which he had invited Dobbin to partake, was carved by him in perfect silence; but his own share went away almost untasted, though he drank much, and the butler assiduously filled his glass.
Lebanon always partakes in the Arab league works and the Cabinet must come up with a formula to compensate between the Lebanon's refusal to participate and its continuous partaking in the said works," he added.
Mancuska claims to draw on the non-linearity of hypertext and the concept of asynchrony (time passes, and history is recorded, differently in different places), but his installation partakes equally of Conceptual art's pared-down textual economies and Minimal sculpture's emphasis on the spectatorial body.
Partisan politics often partakes of this sensibility: Those out of power tend to be more suspicious of government than those momentarily in control of it.
The opening chapter, on railroad promotion of tourism, partakes of both these tendencies, getting this largely well-written book off to an unfortunately slow start.
Before any organization partakes in the practice of telework, also known as telecommuting, it's essential to first assess the corporate infrastructure and landscape, so that mobile workforce initiatives will be successful.
Evoking the narrative universe of the soap opera or photographic novel, the tone of--horoscopus nonetheless partakes not of their sentimental naturalism but rather has the gritty and misery-laden feel typical of so-called English social cinema.
Instead of approaching the market with a short-term philosophy, Broudy said he partakes in mutual funds to enhance the longevity of his investments.
Without reducing his work to a message or the mere illustration of a political idea, the French artist Melik Ohanian partakes of this kind of thinking.