partake of

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partake of (something)

1. To eat, drink, or ingest something; to consume something. Let us partake of a light supper before we begin our journey. I never partake of drugs or alcohol.
2. To experience or take part in something; to avail of something. There were hundreds of people partaking of the numerous activities at the county fair. He decided to go to the more expensive university in New York rather than partake of a free college education in his home state.
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partake of something

1. to have a portion of something, such as food or drink. Would you care to partake of this apple pie with me? I would like to partake of that fine dinner I see set out on the table.
2. to take part in or experience something. Sarah had always wanted to partake of the good life. Roger had no intention of partaking of the events offered at the fair.
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partake of

To use, consume, or participate in something shared with others: I hope that the guests will partake of the delicious dinner I prepared.
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Recommended for young and old that wish to partake of a slice of history that touched our country from shore to shore.
This is the argument that: If that which is one is ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.]), then is it possible for it to be but not to partake of ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.]) essence ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.])?--It could not.--Now, that which is one's essence would be, too, not being identical with that which is one; otherwise, that essence would not be its essence, nor would it, that which is one, partake of that essence, but saying that that which is one is would be like saying that that which is one is one.
If it did get so absorbed, then by definition nothing else could partake of it.
to partake of any food that's inconsistent with their faith ...
These images partake of a technological sublime: Alone against the unforgiving sky, the tower and lights represent the putative heroism and attendant risk of the attempt to conquer the natural world.
For $4,235, you and a friend can partake of a new offering called "The Ultimate Island Retreat." A continental breakfast and airport transfers are included, but food and drinks are separate.
Selected from 1,470 contestants, the finalists will partake of $330,000 in scholarships--a $125,000 increase from last year.
If the stars were indeed more numerous and more accessible, then "ordinary people, not just emperors, might partake of stellar substance and find niches among the stars" (70).
Murray's clients be able to add listings to the GSB Netrealty database from their own offices, but they'll also be able to partake of the management services, tenant/owner services, broker services and forum and chat features built into the GSB Netrealty web site.
On the other hand, those not members of the Catholic Church may not partake of the Holy Eucharist in the hope that this will bring about greater unity:
(BTSI) was selected as the only minority-owned agency to partake of a three-year, $50 million national temporary services contract for BellSouth.
The private club will hve a small golf course, swimming in atremendous pool, ten guest rooms, ocean and lake from access and what Trump describes as "a world class spa." The members will partake of the finest in food and enjoy private parties and perhaps some casino charity nights--notto be unexpected with a casino operator in charge.
Youngsters from 3 to 6 years old, however, were far more likely than the older children to partake of the other offerings.