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partake in

To share or participate in some activity. It has recently come to light that the senator partook in secret meetings with foreign spies. I do not partake in spreading rumors, thank you very much.
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partake of (something)

1. To eat, drink, or ingest something; to use or consume something. Let us partake of a light supper before we begin out journey. I never partake of drugs or alcohol.
2. To experience or take part in something; to avail of something. There were hundreds of people partaking of the numerous activities at the county fair. He decided to go to the more expensive university in New York rather than partake of a free college education in his home state.
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partake in something

to participate in something. Valerie does not care to partake in those childish games. I would like to partake in the fun.
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partake of something

1. to have a portion of something, such as food or drink. Would you care to partake of this apple pie with me? I would like to partake of that fine dinner I see set out on the table.
2. to take part in or experience something. Sarah had always wanted to partake of the good life. Roger had no intention of partaking of the events offered at the fair.
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partake in

To participate in some activity; share in something: The reporter criticized the company that partook in the secret meeting with government officials.
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partake of

To use, consume, or participate in something shared with others: I hope that the guests will partake of the delicious dinner I prepared.
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The UCC Wednesday said it would partake in a planned demonstration Monday.
At times it includes the hours in which young girls go out or the social activities that they are allowed to partake in.
Under the schedule, Algerian companies and economic operators will partake in the international fairs of Khartoum (Sudan) in February, Cairo (Egypt) in March, Tripoli (Libya) from 2 to 12 April, Paris (France) from 29 April to 9 May, and Damascus (Syria) in July-August.
Yemen is due to partake in the 33rd International Geological Congress (IGC) which will be held on 6-14 August in Norway, the website reported in one of its lead stories.
A celebration of the extraordinary tradition of Catholicism, that reaches out to the fellow reader to partake in the joys of faith, love, and reverence for God, May Crowning, Mass, and Merton is a passionate and wonderful testimony of true belief.
First, do not partake in the counsel of the wicked (v.
Partake in a dozen interactive presentations designed to open your heart, release unforgiven issues, increase intimacy, prosperity and abundance, and enliven sexual energy and your connection to your spiritual source.
Robert Oppenheimer's name is everywhere as 'father of the atomic bomb', but for more than a casual examination of the man's life and contributions, it's essential to partake of American Prometheus: The Triumph And Tragedy Of J.
I encourage all members to partake in the enrichment opportunities provided by MTNA and your state.
In order to partake in the FTL program, each school had to qualify for federal funding (i.e., be identified as a high-need school), with nearly a third of the schools that were targeted for the program not meeting their adequate yearly progress (AYP) goals for academic achievement.
Native American inmates were permitted to partake in food provided by the facility in association with their observance, and the restriction was imposed on all inmate religious groups.
This is the argument that: If that which is one is ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.]), then is it possible for it to be but not to partake of ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.]) essence ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.])?--It could not.--Now, that which is one's essence would be, too, not being identical with that which is one; otherwise, that essence would not be its essence, nor would it, that which is one, partake of that essence, but saying that that which is one is would be like saying that that which is one is one.
Visitors had an opportunity to view a special centennial video and to partake in various tour options.
to partake of any food that's inconsistent with their faith ...
It is bad enough to be surrounded by straight entertainment (of which I do not partake, thanks, anyway), but to have to stomach Will & Grace, Queer Eye, and Queer as Folk?