part from

part (someone or an animal) from (someone or an animal)

to take someone or an animal away from someone or some other animal. It was difficult to part the mother dog from her puppies. I hated to part the mother from her child.
See also: part

part from someone

to leave someone. I just hate parting from you. I must part from her now.
See also: part
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If his aftermarket supplier doesn't have the part, the installer can quickly and easily quote the OE price and order the part from the OE dealer.
The IRS is of the opinion that, because title to the part changes hands when the taxpayer exchanges a part from its pool of rotable spares with the customer's original part, the part was sold to the customer.
Additionally, the withdrawal of a part from the rotable parts pool did not reduce the size of the pool because the part was replaced with the repaired malfunctioning original part removed from the customer's computer.
Removal of the part from the core also limits the choice of rubber compound to one with high enough elongation to be stretched over the largest dimension of the core without tearing.
However in the domestic market, a big majority of auto part manufacturers are suffering the double pressure of the rising price of materials from the market and the decreasing price of auto part from assembly plants therefore it is quite difficult to develop independently further.
The mold then opens fully, withdrawing the part from the cavity and allowing complete ejection off the core.
In addition, the hydraulic wedge system for this large tool required extremely accurate guiding and had to be robust enough to demold the part from the first shot.
All bar-coded parts entering the fleet truck location are initially scanned into inventory and when the part is accessed for repair, the bar code is rescanned to remove the part from inventory.
Weld lines would have deformed the part surface and affected the part from a structural point of view.
Modular nonsynchronous conveyor systems with dual belts and moving pallets contain the part from assembly station to assembly station.
Ejecting a zero-draft part from a male mold is no problem: Compressed air at only 2 psi is blown under the part as it cools.
Robot transfers part from molding machine to printer and then to a conveyor.