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(as) sober as a judge

Other figures associated with sobriety are occasionally used in place of "judge," typically ecclesiastical figures such as "deacon," "priest," "parson," etc.
1. Stoic and reserved, perhaps even somber. Anita has been as sober as a judge ever since she heard of Marshall's death. The coach stood at the side of the field, sober as a judge, as the clock counted down on his team's championship ambitions. When I walked into the boss's office and everyone was sober as a judge, I knew I was being laid off.
2. Calm and rational. We need someone who can consider these issues without their emotions interfering—you'll need to be as sober as a judge from beginning to end! I don't want you in this meeting if you can't be sober as a judge. The last thing I want to do is referee a fight between the two of you. I don't think we should discuss this now, while we're all worked up about it. Let's reconvene in a few days when we're sober as a judge.
3. Not at all intoxicated by drugs or alcohol. I haven't been drinking at all, I swear! I'm as sober as a judge! Bill tried to convince me he was sober as a judge, but I didn't buy it—that's why I didn't let him drive home. John's remained sober as a deacon ever since the car accident three years ago.
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parson's nose

The fatty tail of a cooked fowl, especially a chicken. When we were kids, it was always a special treat to be given the parson's nose off the Sunday roast chicken.
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As Parson approached the top of the stairs, Snarski mentally prepared himself to take the first shot.
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After graduating from Johnson and Wales in 1991, Parsons hopped around between cooking positions for a few years before landing the one that instilled in him the discipline required to eventually open a place of his own: "I worked in Boulder at a restaurant called Flagstaff House.
That was what Margaret Parsons, 73, told an employment tribunal yesterday, claiming her sacking for gross misconduct was unfair dismissal.
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Nigel Parsons, from Westmorland Road, Walsgrave, was convicted after the broken, blood stained cue was discovered at his home, along with footwear covered in the victim's blood.
Parsons announced William C 'Bill' Bodie has returned to the company as executive vice president for its Middle East and Africa (MEA) region.
"I already enjoyed acting," Parsons says on a break from shooting "The Big Bang Theory." But "there was not some sort of sense of 'maybe one day.' It did not even enter my mind."
In a statement from Parsons, the company confirmed that it had been selected by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) for the construction supervision of the Dubai Water Canal.
Oxford Crown Court heard Parsons left his wife dazed and prone on the landing of their home in Bicester, Oxfordshire, shortly after 9.30am on December 1, telling her he was going to fetch something.
Former Cardiff City apprentice Parsons is said to have punched his wife to the floor of their home in Bicester, Oxfordshire, on December 1 last year before returning moments later and stabbing her repeatedly with a knife.
With A Life Marketed as Fiction, Karen Morton has published a significant and valuable work on Eliza Parsons, a late eighteenth-century British novelist who has remained something of an obscure literary footnote since the 1817 publication of Jane Austen's Gothic parody, Northanger Abbey.
The visit, which was backed by government export support arm UKTI and the China-Britain Business Council (CBBC), saw Patrick Parsons managing director Peter Stienlet and Chin Joon Gan, of Doyle Consulting Engineers, spend 10 days in meetings across China and Hong Kong.
Parsons, of Spring Road, Netherton, had been found guilty of sexual activity with a child and remanded for reports at Wolverhampton Crown Court.