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By rote, without knowing or understanding the actual substance of it. You will also be tested on how to apply these rules to real-world scenarios, so don't just learn to recite them parrot-fashion.

parrot fashion

If a child learns something parrot fashion, they learn it by repeating it many times, but they do not really understand what it means. Under the old system pupils often had to repeat lessons parrot fashion. There are no books, pens or chairs here, just a blackboard and a dirt floor where 150 dusty children sit in rows, learning their words parrot fashion. Note: Some parrots are able to imitate human speech, and repeat words and phrases, although they do not really understand what they are saying.
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(learn, repeat, etc. something) ˈparrot-fashion

(British English, disapproving) (learn, repeat, etc. something) without understanding the meaning: When we were at school we used to learn history parrot-fashion; all I can remember now is the dates.
This idiom refer to the fact that parrots can learn phrases and repeat them after you without understanding what they mean.
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Taking the Welsh football team as a bad example I think it is imperative that we should be teaching our children our National Anthem from the age of five, not only parrot-fashion but educating them on what the anthem means, especially the last line of o bydded i'r hen iaith barhau (o may the ancient language endure).
So while I would not be daft enough to condone or defend some of the things that happened at Everton on Saturday night, it is better to be measured rather than join in the hysteria parrot-fashion to satisfy what appears to be a bloodlust.
In a country where so many 'respected' newspapers simply repeat parrot-fashion what's said in a White House press release, The New Republic prided itself on printing articles and opinions that could make a mark on public policy and new laws.
Why can't Blair and Straw see this and drop their parrot-fashion agreement with everything Bush and Powell say?
HAVE A Nice Day - that insincere phrase repeated parrot-fashion by millions of workers every day - is on the way out.
While this aid overhaul takes place, Britain's mean-hearted, who have misquoted Fuller, should ponder the folly of trotting out, parrot-fashion, illconceived trifles of mantras whose wisdom is clearly wasted on them.
But that's the way to crack it, just repetition, just trying to get the vocal patterns parrot-fashion, so that when the cameras are rolling, you don't have to think about them, and you just do them automatically.
But when she strays from the syllabus that they've all learned parrot-fashion, they're not quite so confident.
They all deliver manifestoes, parrot-fashion,concerning the old favourites - schools,hospitals and public safety.
The tales described how they could be heard 'murmuring' to one another, and how, parrot-fashion, they repeated back words spoken to them.
This is a skill they have developed during their careers and is not something that can be learned parrot-fashion or memorised when training to be a teacher.
ROUNDLY worshipped as the most potent of Monty Python's many moments of genius, and quoted from, like scripture, by legions of parrot-fashion fans, this movie was virtually crucified by the God-squads on its release.
As for we the Welsh, learning something parrot-fashion, where the participant has no feel for the words, is infinitely morecringeworthy than just showing quiet respect.