parrot fashion

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By rote, without knowing or understanding the actual substance of it. You will also be tested on how to apply these rules to real-world scenarios, so don't just learn to recite them parrot-fashion.

parrot fashion

If a child learns something parrot fashion, they learn it by repeating it many times, but they do not really understand what it means. Under the old system pupils often had to repeat lessons parrot fashion. There are no books, pens or chairs here, just a blackboard and a dirt floor where 150 dusty children sit in rows, learning their words parrot fashion. Note: Some parrots are able to imitate human speech, and repeat words and phrases, although they do not really understand what they are saying.
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(learn, repeat, etc. something) ˈparrot-fashion

(British English, disapproving) (learn, repeat, etc. something) without understanding the meaning: When we were at school we used to learn history parrot-fashion; all I can remember now is the dates.
This idiom refer to the fact that parrots can learn phrases and repeat them after you without understanding what they mean.
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PARROT FASHION By Francesca Simpson, who designed cover of guide CAREFUL WORK Francesca says each painting takes so long that she has to plan her subjects carefully DISPLAY Above, work by Anthony Holt, and below, by Eric Ford, just two of the artists who feature at the Alnmouth Arts Festival this weekend
CATCH it while you can, this rhinestone fish ring is pounds 16.50 from WEAR the trend "parrot fashion", this tropical parrot ring is pounds 16.50 at Miss Selfridge.
PARROT FASHION: A bird called Strawberry is reported to have done better than some humans in six weeks of trading
But the reality is decisions are left to the civil servants, who trot out parrot fashion "it has never been policy" and "we are under no obligation" to every medal grievance levelled at them.
He said: "Some people are learning the answers parrot fashion. They can just about talk in English, but cannot even write a receipt.
"It will be some time before these early warnings are picked up in the official statistics - so it is not a lot of good for politicians to repeat parrot fashion that official statistics show that the garden is rosy.
The brigadier told reporters it was not enough for troops to be able to repeat Army values "parrot fashion" and said the service needed to "embed in people a better understanding between right and wrong".
PARROT FASHION After plundering the photoshoot, Brit steps out yesterday looking every inch a pirate; Picture: CELEBRITYBABYLON.COM/WENN
She said: "We learned and remembered things parrot fashion. If you forgot, you would be punished.
IT didn't take long for these Pretty Pollies to pick up their new skills - not when they were learning it parrot fashion.
Dave has written four books: Sporting Questions, Parrot Fashion (Robsons Books); Soccer Brain (Milo Books); Liverpool FC - The Ultimate Book of Stats and Facts, with Ged Rea (Bluecoat Press); Everton FC - The Ultimate Book of Stats and Facts, with Gavin Buckland (Bluecoat).
And if they were challenged by callers, they simply repeated the message "parrot fashion".
All the rest of us learn by parrot fashion. I learn the tunes and harmonies and then we learn them a line at a time."
But when he went to say how good and generous the Bute family was to theWelsh coal miners, parrot fashion and in poetical terms, well that was a bit too much for me.