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red-sauce parlor

An Italian-American restaurant known for serving traditional pasta dishes with tomato-based sauce. They new Italian restaurant that opened up downtown is a throwback to those authentic red-sauce parlors that my parents used to take me to as a kid. I grew up working in my grandfather's red-sauce parlor, so I know just about everything there is to know about pasta.
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sauce parlor

dated slang A bar or tavern. "Sauce" is a slang term for alcohol. I heard Tommy's dad spends more time at the sauce parlor than he does at home. The cops spotted the two criminals coming out of the sauce parlor and took them in for questioning.
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sauce parlor

n. a tavern. I wouldn’t be caught dead in that sauce parlor.
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The report reveals the stunning fact that the number of karaoke bars, video game arcades, and internet cafes dropped by 1,437, 1,195, and 971, respectively, while claw machine parlors grew by 230% or 2,920 from 2010 to 2017.
According to workers in the beauty parlors, business is profitable.
According to Vice Mayor Jose Fabian Cadiz, they have been receiving a number of complaints from citizens regarding the practice of some funeral parlors of displaying empty caskets in full view of the public.
Many had taken to advertising their services in social media pages promoting special Eid offers, luring home makers and professionals alike to the parlors.
Toronto passed a bylaw that made a distinction between regular massage parlors and erotic ones, and limited the number of licences for erotic ones.
Majorities of both chambers approved legislation for casinos and two racetrack slot parlors last year.
The parlors opened over the past year or two to attract guests from the adjacent Yuyang Hotel but mostly for weary and increasingly wealthy local Chinese people.
While most people would think that funding a semi-underground industry such as pachinko parlors is fraught with risk, Fujii has been able to work out a system which makes it considerably safer.
Along with its frozen desserts, the parlors will serve coffee and pastries.
Flat-barn parlors (Figure 9-2) are normally built in existing buildings and are similar to switch milking in that cows are brought from a freestall barn or pasture to an existing barn to be milked.
''Karaoke parlors are surely closed, but only in name.
The move, while obviously disappointing to ''pachinko'' fans, would be a boon to the nation's police force, which is required under law to inspect a ''pachinko'' parlor whenever new pin-ball machines are installed in any of the 16,300 or so ''pachinko'' parlors across the country.
That administration's hopes to sell the OTB parlors were dimmed last summer when the unions that represent most of the city's 1,700 OTB employees opposed it.
Married women also used bedrooms as personal parlors but of course shared these rooms with spouses.
Low-cost parlors are often equipped with high-pressure water hoses to periodically clean the parlor platform (Figure 19-13).