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parley with (one)

To hold a formal discussion or conference with one. We've been trying to parley with the leaders of the insurgency, but so far they have refused to open a line or communication. I suggest we parley with directors of each company and attempt to find a resolution.
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parley with someone

Fig. to talk with someone. I need to parley with my brother before making a financial commitment. We need to parley with each other sometime soon.
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Presumably, the Iran-Pakistan parleys are being use to pacify the dissatisfied Iran for political reasons.There is a need to upgrade the Quetta-Zahedan section if the Government is sincere and honest to make the Gwadar Port operational, sooner or later.
Hectic parleys had just picked up on both these front when the Supreme Court dropped a bombshell on Monday.
First and foremost, the Afghan delegation to the Murree parleys was fully mandated by the Taliban leadership and its composition aptly represented almost all important groups in that movement - most significant being the inclusion of Ebrahim Haqqani who is an uncle of the group's chief, Sirajuddin Haqqani.
Ismail was reporteddetained in Pakistan's southwestern city of Quetta on charges of holding secret parleys with the US and Afghan government.
Tayyib Agha is known to have shuttled between Qatar and Germany as part of the ongoing parleys with the United States.
The proposed route would operate between Park City's historic Old Town and downtown Salt Lake City, following Interstate 80 through Parleys Canyon.
New Delhi, June 23 -- Ahead of a series of bilateral meetings, India has on Tuesday demanded "credible" action by Pakistan in the 26/11 terror attack case, saying the core issue of addressing the country's concerns on the issue will be part of these parleys.
The three-party meeting held on Sunday evening had agreed to hold separate parleys between and betwixt the parties.
His tactics were severe: mercy was offered once and only once; no parleys were tolerated before submission; and any rebel man, woman, or child encountered by his forces was no sooner taken but killed.
MAP Parleys With ESPRIT on Industrial Automation at ISO Meeting A subcommittee of the ISO recently agreed to develop industrial automation standards that would resolve Manufacturing Automation Protocol (MAP) and European Strategic Program for Research and Development (ESPRIT) differences.
Malak Khan Marjan, another member of the jirga, told Dawn that he was very optimistic about the positive outcome of the parleys with PTM.
Summary: Unification of two ruling party factions comes after weeks of hectic parleys
He said, people living in Kashmir, Jammu and Ladakh divisions have peculiar problems and same can be addressed only when parleys are held with the concerned stakeholders.
They informed that parleys were likely to conclude on February 4.