parley with

parley with someone

Fig. to talk with someone. I need to parley with my brother before making a financial commitment. We need to parley with each other sometime soon.
References in classic literature ?
Our next work was to repair the boat, and think of seizing the ship: and as for the captain, now he had leisure to parley with them, he expostulated with them upon the villainy of their practices with him, and upon the further wickedness of their design, and how certainly it must bring them to misery and distress in the end, and perhaps to the gallows.
To these in the morning I sent the captain, who was to enter into a parley with them; in a word, to try them, and tell me whether he thought they might be trusted or not to go on board and surprise the ship.
As to Count Tilly, who was as prudent as he was firm, he began to parley with the burghers, under the protection of the cocked pistols of his dragoons, explaining to the valiant townsmen, that his order from the States commanded him to guard the prison and its approaches with three companies.
It does not accord with mine honor, nor shall it ever be said that I, a knight of England, was ready to hold parley with men who have slain a fair lady and a holy priest.
As well hold parley with a pack of ravening wolves," said the French captain.
However, he would enter into no parley with them, but only asked them if they would go in peace or not.
Men who smash windows do not remain to parley with the law's minions.
If we refuse to play and parley with uncivilised regimes, we isolate them to perpetuate even greater barbarities.
1381: Peasants' Revolt leader Wat Tyler was killed, apparently by Lord Mayor of London William Walworth, as he held a parley with 14-year-old King Richard II.
Mandate for the PML-N leader's parley with the prime minister was decided in a high-level party meeting convened by PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif in Raiwind on Sunday.
It was decided that scouts should be kept out, and that when the Indians were known to be near a committee of residents should be appointed to meet and hold a parley with them.
He's also filled his diary by promising to parley with a dozen MPs with a bee in their bonnet.