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parley with (one)

To hold a formal discussion or conference with one. We've been trying to parley with the leaders of the insurgency, but so far they have refused to open a line or communication. I suggest we parley with directors of each company and attempt to find a resolution.
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parley with someone

Fig. to talk with someone. I need to parley with my brother before making a financial commitment. We need to parley with each other sometime soon.
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References in classic literature ?
Our next work was to repair the boat, and think of seizing the ship: and as for the captain, now he had leisure to parley with them, he expostulated with them upon the villainy of their practices with him, and upon the further wickedness of their design, and how certainly it must bring them to misery and distress in the end, and perhaps to the gallows.
To these in the morning I sent the captain, who was to enter into a parley with them; in a word, to try them, and tell me whether he thought they might be trusted or not to go on board and surprise the ship.
Finally the parley was concluded and the men con-tinued on their way while the Sagoths returned to where I stood with my guard.
The Minister further said, "The plastics intercepted by fishermen and collected at designated collection points will be handed over to Parley for the Oceans, which Maldives has been closely working with to recycle and reuse plastic wastes.
Governor Ambode said this on Tuesday evening at an Inter-Faith Parley of Religious Leaders and Organisations, held at the Banquet Hall, Lagos House in Ikeja.
As early as the opening set, Iriga City coach Parley Tupas surrendered every illusion of scoring an upset against Petron on Saturday.
The parley between the students and administration remained inconclusive.
Yet I found Inside The Mental by Kay Parley to be a fascinating slice of Canadian psychiatric history.
Today adidas by Stella McCartney launches the Parley UltraBOOST X, a shoe designed to enhance every run -- and make a difference to the planet.
Other brands to do the same include retailer, G-Star Raw, which, along with US musician, Pharrell Williams, worked with Parley last year to launch "RAW for the Oceans', a denim line made out of marine plastic waste.
Dr R K Felwick - Dr L V Jackson Dr Leanne Victoria Jackson and Dr Richard Keith Felwick were married at All Saint's Church, West Parley, Bournemouth.
Netanyahu told reporters before the meeting that the parley would focus on Iran, the instability in Syria but "above all" Kerry's effort to restart peace negotiations.
The top three prizes at the recent Startup Weekend Calgary were awarded to Parley, a simple performance management system, Mood2Food, an online portal connecting those with food allergies to restaurants, resources and each other, and Give A Mile, an online platform to crowdsource airmiles for those who can't afford to visit their loved ones who are terminally ill.
The garden is located next to the historic Parley House.
Despite having greatly influenced Mormon thought and expansion through his missionary work in California and Latin America, Parley L.