parlay (something) into (something else)

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parlay (something) into (something else)

To use a particular quality, asset, or trait so well or strategically that it becomes something even more valuable. He was able to parlay the negative press against his competitor into a successful ad campaign that ended up giving him a huge boost in business. When I was an intern, I parlayed my tech skills into a part-time job overseeing the publishers' e-book production.
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parlay something into something

Fig. to exploit an asset in such a way as to increase its value to some higher amount. She is trying to parlay her temporary job into a full-time position. Alice parlayed her inheritance into a small fortune by investing in the stock market.
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parlay into

To work with or manipulate some quality in order to make it something of value: She parlayed her ability to make people feel comfortable into a successful career as a therapist. The politician was able to parlay the people's complaints into a successful campaign strategy.
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a skill she and Merlen parlayed into a hat-making business In 1979.
Part of the magic of Grinnan's work is that the seriousness of her investigations still permits a rambunctious deployment of color, parlayed into the ur-forms of privacy associated with childhood: forts, tree houses, makeshift teepees, all fantasy structures of independence and individualization.
The widely broadcasted videotape of Toogood's abuse is being parlayed into a campaign to prohibit -- or at least intimidate parents from employing -- legitimate and loving corporal discipline in the upbringing of their children.
Puppetry of the Penis evolved from adolescent games that Simon Morley and his younger brother invented into a stand-up routine performed by Morley and David Friend at a Melbourne comedy festival and then parlayed into an international sensation.
A limitation, yes, but a limitation he parlayed into wizardry.