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parlay (something) into (something else)

To use a particular quality, asset, or trait so well or strategically that it becomes something even more valuable. He was able to parlay the negative press against his competitor into a successful ad campaign that ended up giving him a huge boost in business. When I was an intern, I parlayed my tech skills into a part-time job overseeing the publishers' e-book production.
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parlay something into something

Fig. to exploit an asset in such a way as to increase its value to some higher amount. She is trying to parlay her temporary job into a full-time position. Alice parlayed her inheritance into a small fortune by investing in the stock market.
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parlay into

To work with or manipulate some quality in order to make it something of value: She parlayed her ability to make people feel comfortable into a successful career as a therapist. The politician was able to parlay the people's complaints into a successful campaign strategy.
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The companies said that the network, which will be branded and marketed as BingoNexus, will be powered by an Internet platform combining Parlay's front-end bingo product with Chartwell's back-end administration system.
Thomson said the acquired courses "help employees acquire new skills and parlay that knowledge into increased sales, improved profitability and better overall business performance."
It is based on open IT and telecom standards and is designed to take advantage of telco industry standards such as Parlay and OMA (Open Mobile Architecture) as they emerge, as well as key emerging Internet standards such as UDDI, WSDL, and SOAP that are key to delivering Web Services.
The Hindutwa compulsion to parlay the destroyed Buddhas into its election campaign by fanning the fires of frenetic communalism is too tempting to pass--and too dangerous to ignore.
The company stated that it "has a history of pioneering new industries." It clearly sees an opportunity here to parlay its expertise in electronic microchips into biochips.
After years of studying nicotine and using the results to manipulate consumers, one tobacco company is now hoping to parlay what it has learned into health care products.
Feeling a vocation but not sure how to act on it, she found MMAF and discovered "all skills are transferrable." She told Maryknoll magazine, "If you have this vocation for foreign mission, you can parlay anything."
Only a brave employer will dismiss the prospect that some employee down the road will parlay such a determination into an official finding of ADA coverage.
"BRISTOL, England -- There was a time in the Middle Ages when an ambassador venturing out from a besieged city to parlay with the besiegers might well rise higher in the world than he expected."
Read the paper, watch the news - see if there's something you can parlay into publicity for you and your store's products and services (environment, new FDA food label regulations, ???).
Fan's international profile could parlay the pic into niche release overseas.
According to Nelson, FLAnk is now hoping to parlay its recent successes in the area, including The Novare at 133-35 West 4th Street and 385 West 12th Street.
Parlay Entertainment, Inc (TSX V: PEI), a Canada-based supplier of Internet and TV bingo software solutions, has announced closing a non brokered private placement financing.
After a 13-year partnership that helped parlay Palm Springs's Dinah Shore Weekend into the world's largest and best-known annum lesbian gathering, Mariah Hanson, of San Francisco's Club Skirts, and Sandy Sachs and Robin Gans, of Los Angeles's Girl Bar, parted ways in June 2005.
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