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park (one) in

To park an automobile in front of one's own vehicle, thus preventing one from leaving one's parking space. If you hadn't parked me in, I wouldn't have had to push your car out of the way with mine, so the damage is really your own fault! The delivery truck was stopped on the small side road completing an order when some idiot parked him in.
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park it

1. To sit down and stop moving. Often used as an imperative. We've been hiking for a while now. Why don't we park it and have a bit to eat, shall we? I want you to park it in this chair and sit still until I'm done!
2. To stop arguing about the matter at hand; to leave some issue alone. Often used as an imperative. OK, guys, that's enough arguing. Let's just park it for a while, all right? Tommy, Sarah, park it! I've had enough of your bickering.
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park the bus

In football (soccer), to employ all (or nearly all) of a team's active players in defending its own side of the pitch. Protecting a narrow one-point lead, it looks like the home team has parked the bus for the remaining minutes of the match.
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park the pink Plymouth (in the garage of love)

vulgar slang Of a male, to have sexual intercourse (with someone, especially a woman). In this usage, "pink Plymouth" is a vulgar slang term for the penis. A Plymouth was a brand of car. I got the feeling during the date that the only thing he was interested in was parking the pink Plymouth. Nearly every boy in high school is preoccupied with trying to park the pink Plymouth in the garage of love.
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park it (somewhere)

Inf. sit down somewhere; sit down and get out of the way. Hey, park it! You're in the way. Richard, park it over there in the corner. Stop pacing around. You make me nervous.
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park it

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