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Ossenbeck believes the shipper that is paring down its parcel injection, brokerage, last mile, and logistics activity with XPO is Amazon (AMZN).
India-based Kotak Bank is to sue the Indian central bank over a directive on paring down promoter holdings in the bank.
At press time, the committee was still paring down the list of candidates to invite to the community for interviews, set for mid-April.
Homesteading in the 21st Century: How One Family Created a More Sustainable, Self-Sufficient, and Satisfying Life is for any who have thought about becoming more self-sufficient, living a simpler lifestyle, or paring down. It presents the idea that anyone can homestead, which involves everything from growing food and raising animals to building an actual homestead, and its chapters survey how to live more minimally.
Photographers often feel overwhelmed by Photoshop's many options, and The Photoshop CS4 Companion for Photographers helps photographers make basic adjustments, paring down topics to cover just the essentials of common operations, not every possible Photoshop feature.
Paring down their designs, designers are focusing on the modern this market.
Their versions contain the eloquence of the "white" acts and the snappy divertissements of the third act, but they are paring down the mime to make the ballet move more quickly.
Diagrammatic thinking, and designing certainly, belong to the Exactitude methodology, a continual reduction and paring down to essences.
``There have been concerns that BA has been paring down operations [from Cardiff] for some time.
Dumbing-down happens in other classes as well, such as mathematics, where our local schools are considering paring down course content, as it is felt that the workload is too 'heavy' for the students.
While there is not much wholly new in When Science Meets Religion, Barbour clearly succeeds in paring down the encyclopedic presentations of the earlier work by more fully organizing the various positions canvassed into his four-fold typology.
The firm believes the turnaround is due in part to a widespread restructuring in the industry and a paring down of conglomerates to focus on their core businesses.
Hurt by poor performance at affiliated department stores and the slump in consumption, the firm said it intends to continue paring down its liabilities, which came to 30.9 billion yen as of Feb.
Yet he has exceeded expectations, not only slashin bad loans deeper than expected, and ahead of schedule, but paring down bloated costs and boosting revenues with a flamboyant campaign to lure customers from competitors such as BankAmerica.