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Of a set of parents who were previously married or in a relationship with each other, to jointly raise their child(ren). My ex-boyfriend and I co-parent, so the kids will be with him this weekend. John co-parents with his ex-wife.

helicopter parent

A parent who is overly attentive and doting toward their child or children. The term comes from the notion that they are "hovering" around their children at all times. Don't be a helicopter parent. Your daughter is 18 and fully capable of picking her own classes.
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A caregiver of a child who assumed the parental role through marriage to one of the child's original (usually biological) parents. Most commonly, a step-parent is the second spouse of one of the child's biological parents. Through my marriage to Kent, I became a step-parent to his three beautiful daughters.
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This larger Planned Parenthood affiliate in New York will be able to leverage the advantages of a consolidated health care system including standardised operations and uniform electronic medical records, increased bargaining power with payors such as insurance companies, streamlined
Wen, a medical doctor, along with other Planned Parenthood officials, has visited 17 affiliates (about a third) around the country, Kaiser says "working to identify the health programs that could be expanded and encouraging clinics around the country to consider implementing those best practices."
Your article asserts that Planned Parenthood closed locations in Yuma, Prescott Valley, Chandler and Goodyear, as if Arizona is at fault for this.
In New Jersey,more than 70 percentof the patients served by Title X received care at a Planned Parenthood health center.
The state has said Planned Parenthood received $51,000 in Medicaid funds in the fiscal year before Hutchinson's decision to terminate the contract.
1 Other safety-net providers could not readily replace Planned Parenthood health centers Contraceptive Additional clients served clients in 2015 without Planned Parenthood Planned 1,997,000 Parenthood Federally 1,876,000 1,033,000 [up arrow] 55% qualified health centers Health 1,251,000 321,000 [up arrow] 26% departments Hospitals 612,000 350,000 [up arrow] 57% Other 510,000 293,000 [up arrow] 57% Source: Guttmacher Institute.
(3) Parent left solo or alone with the responsibility of parenthood while the spouse is detained or is serving sentence for a criminal conviction for at least one year;
When thinking about the ethics of a situation, one is sometimes advised to ask, "What would Jesus do?" If Jesus were to walk into a Planned Parenthood clinic and witness an abortion, what do you suppose his reaction would be?
Obama's rule came following 13 states' attempts to cut federal funding toward family planning services that provide abortions, including Planned Parenthood. Although federal funds cannot be used to help cover abortion costs, the House's vote would allow states to allocate more dollars toward health clinics and services that still offer women's health care but simply don't provide abortions.
In two friend-of-the-court briefs, APHA supported Planned Parenthood's appeals after being defunded, which occurred after misleading videos were released by abortion opponents.
Who would expect an elected representative to be so indifferent to public opinion and the rule of law that he would make such an outrageous statement that it is an "exercise in futility" even to allow a Senate vote on whether or not it is appropriate to continue Planned Parenthood's taxpayer funding of more than $500,000,000 a year.
Synopsis: The majority of Americans, 59%, still view Planned Parenthood positively, but that is down from 81% when Gallup last asked about it, in 1993.
Undercover videos: In June, the Center for Medical Progress began releasing investigative videos garnered in conversations with high-ranking national leaders of Planned Parenthood Federation of America.
As the former chair of obstetrics and gynecology at the Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center and a longtime women's health provider in New Hampshire, I've been proud to testify many times before the NH Legislature on bills concerning women's health care and specifically on the funding of Planned Parenthood.