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parental unit

One of one's parents. (Often used in the plural to indicate both parents.) Which parental unit is coming to pick you up from school today, nerd? I'd love to come, but I need to check with the parental units if it's all right.
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slang One's parents. I'll have to check with my parentals if I can borrow the car for the evening. A: "Hopefully the parentals will be asleep by the time we get back." B: "Don't call them your parentals, dude. You sound like a dweeb."
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(parental) units

n. parents. (see also rent(al)s.) Hey, units! I need to talk to you about something really important.
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There are some findings which indicate that parentally bereaved children harbor fear of abandonment that mediates stress and intrusive thoughts (Wolchik, Coxe, Tein, Sandler & Ayers, 2008).
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These studies suggest to me that the benefits of having a parentally mandated bedtime are so substantial that every pediatrician should be including this recommendation at every visit.
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The adjusted odds ratio (OR) for parentally reported ADHD in association with a 1-[micro]g/E increase in serum PFOS (modeled as a continuous predictor) was 1.
For example, users such as children may send or receive messages (intentionally or not) with parentally objectionable language," the Daily Mail quoted the company as saying.
In her final novel, The Test of Filial Duty (1769), Sarah Scott (1721-95) uses the language of sentiment and sensibility to dramatize the emotional toll that parentally arranged courtships could take on young upper-class women.
Various drugs such as corticoster-oids cyclosporine, retinoids, grisofulvin, dapsone and hydroxy- chloroquine have been used alone or in com-bination orally, parentally or topically.
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The range of marriage practices witnessed in the Old Testament is wide: parentally arranged and self-initiated, endogamous and exogamous, monogamous and polygamous, as well as levirate marriage.
I couldn't do anything about it during the event, nor could I see myself trying to "solve" the problem parentally by lecturing the students at their next lessons--I wanted to get to the root of it.
Currently, there is no requirement for parentally educated children to be registered with the local authority.
In some instances, marriage was parentally arranged when respondents were very young; this precluded the respondents from continuing in school.