parental units

parental unit

One of one's parents. (Often used in the plural to indicate both parents.) Which parental unit is coming to pick you up from school today, nerd? I'd love to come, but I need to check with the parental units if it's all right.
See also: parental, unit

(parental) units

n. parents. (see also rent(al)s.) Hey, units! I need to talk to you about something really important.
See also: parental, unit
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Three out of four of the parental units are nutcases; monstrously self-absorbed and melodramatic in ways that would suck the air out of the hangar of a jumbo jet.
Some are young, and must abide by their parental units.
of Bristol) is the first UK publication that directly considers the impacts of domestically abusive paternal parental units on child development.
For those with kids, they have more time to be fun parental units.
Outstanding strips and panels capture the ongoing angst of the teen and his parental units, and make for an ongoing recommendation for general collections
from drug and violent and sex-abusing parental units, some of which need
Self-expression might continue to be the hallmark of youth but with the growing popularity of Internet avatars, kids can enjoy all the piercing and tats without the guff from the parental units.
You could notify the parental units next time your sister tries to cover up for skipping choir practice.
Such a power shift can no doubt be a little uncomfortable for parental units, who are more accustomed to setting the rules and don't always see eye to eye with their children.
Their children sat gape-mouthed at their parental units spewing forbidden obscenities.
Despite the casting of the redoubtable Frances Sternhagen and Brian Murray as two of American literature's most dysfunctional parental units, the Irish Repertory Theatre's inconsistent effort needs a clearer raison d'etre if it is to rise above the category of solid but prosaic Off Broadway revival.
It really stinks when, to top it all off, one or both of your parental units are going through a tough time.