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parental unit

One of one's parents. (Often used in the plural to indicate both parents.) Which parental unit is coming to pick you up from school today, nerd? I'd love to come, but I need to check with the parental units if it's all right.
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slang One's parents. I'll have to check with my parentals if I can borrow the car for the evening. A: "Hopefully the parentals will be asleep by the time we get back." B: "Don't call them your parentals, dude. You sound like a dweeb."
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(parental) units

n. parents. (see also rent(al)s.) Hey, units! I need to talk to you about something really important.
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Participants' data revealed a strong association between burnout and the three variables -- escape ideation, parental neglect, and parental violence -- at each of three-time points.
The Court of Appeal held that failing to match pay for shared parental leave to the level of maternity pay is neither direct nor indirect discrimination.
A key reason why UK take-up of shared parental leave has been so low is because of the income provided.
In identifying candidate justifications for pre-parental partiality, I will draw on the literature on the justification of parental partiality, and that on the justification of partiality more generally.
In view of an overarching goal of gender equality, the concerned Ministry of Pakistan should make parental leave gender neutral and make it mandatory across the board in public as well as private institutions.
Researchers have based their types of parental involvement on Epstein's work (Chowa et al., 2013; Sheldon, 2003).
Currently, all other vendors only offer a partial parental control solution with various enablement constraints and significant limitations to the actual enforcement of the controls set by a parent.
Is an employer able to put restrictions on the taking of parental leave?
Between 1991-2003, two in five (40%) of 30-year-olds with parental property wealth were home-owners themselves, compared with around one in five (19%) of those whose parents did not have property wealth.
The Minnesota Court of Appeals recently ruled that mere allegations of parental alienation are sufficient to support a prima facie case for an evidentiary hearing in a motion to change custody.
SAN FRANCISCO (AFP) - Microsoft on Thursday said that it will begin requiring US suppliers to offer employees at least 12 weeks of parental leave when they have or adopt children.
Background: Parental optimistic relations and parental hostile patterns are forecaster of emotional disorders among the school children.
A: Shared parental leave was introduced in April 2015, with the aim of allowing parents to share leave from work following the birth of a child.
A proposal of amendments concerning the system of parental leave and benefits, which among other things would establish an additional paternal leave, exited the Estonian Ministry of Social Affairs on Monday July 10.
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