pare off

pare something off (of) something

 and pare something off
to cut something off something.(Of is usually retained before pronouns.) See if you can pare a bit of this extra wood off the edge of the base of this pillar. Pare off some of the wood.
See also: off, pare
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If the pumpkin is particularly big, cut it into quarters then, using a small, sharp knife, pare off the skin (unless you plan to roast it, in which case the skin can stay on).
Over the next 2 months, Democrats and Republicans will have to figure out what to pare off the long wish lists put together by House and Senate committees, and, more importantly, take on the politically distasteful task of determining how to pay for what remains.
You can then pare off the pale orange flesh much as you would do a melon, slicing the mango sections in half and then running a sharp knife between the skin and flesh.
With a clean scalpel (available from chemists) pare off thin layers.
Further, when we go through reduction-in-force drills, we end up justifying each person from the bottom up and always pare off 5 to 10 percent.
Use a potato peeler to pare off the carrot skins as thinly as possible, then cut them into small chunks.
My normal weight is about 120 pounds, and the effort to pare off 37 of those--more than one-third of my body--was Herculean, life-altering, and, I believe, exquisitely female.
Paints can be mixed to practically whatever colour you want, wallpaper comes ready pasted and easy to handle, there are scrapers to pare off the old paint, tools for the fine-filling work on the plaster cracks.
Air-charter expenses and trip overhead pare off roughly 45 percent of the gross, he notes.
For covered cord pare off 1-1/2" of outer fabric or rubber insulation, being careful not to cut into insulation covering the individual wires.
Football players will not be the only ones sweating on Super Bowl Sunday, as two seven-babe squads, Team Dream and Team Euphoria, respectively captained by model-actresses Nikki Ziering and Angie Everhart pare off against each other in an event that has been described as "Halftime has never been this sexy.
Use a potato peeler and pare off the wafer thin skin but leave the storks intact as they look very pretty.
First prepare the orange and lemon zests, and to do this it's best to use a potato peeler and pare off the outer zest, leaving the white pith behind.
To use the whole fruit, you'll probably want to pare off the tart green skin.
Then thinly pare off the potato skin using a potato peeler and grate the potato straight into the flour using the coarse side of the grater.