pare down

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pare (something) down

1. Literally, to shave off small pieces of something to make it smaller. You need to pare down your nails—they're like little daggers! If you pair the boards down on either side, they should fit into the space.
2. To reduce or decrease something in small increments. We've had to continually pare down out expenses ever since one of our investors pulled out. See if you can pare your report down a bit—15 pages is far too long.
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pare something down (to something)

to cut someone down to something or a smaller size. I will have to pare the budget down to the minimum. I hope we can pare down the budget. After much arguing, we pared it down.
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pare down

1. To reduce the size of something by cutting or shaving off its outer layers; trim something: I pared down the tiles so that they would fit snugly together. The pegs were too big for the hole, so I pared them down with a pocketknife.
2. To reduce the size or amount of something by gradually taking away parts of it: We should pare down the supplies we keep in our storage room until we have only what we absolutely need. The article was too long, and it took me a long time to pare it down.
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This enables us to send out first-generation data as well as to pare down copying costs while safeguarding our original studies," commented Stone.
will pare down operations at its sprawling Balboa Boulevard complex and transfer some assembly work to Tijuana, the company said Tuesday.
To pare down the list, Forbes then analyzed over 300 annual reports and 10-Q's, looking for potential warning signs and grounds for disqualification.
For most folks, reaching age 70 means that it's finally time to pare down a busy schedule or even maybe retire.
The experimental procedure - called a septal ablation - employs a mild heart attack to pare down the muscle that divides the two chambers of the heart.
Fortress consultants can help users tailor business rules to pare down the discovery data to only the information that is important to the organization.
The bank wanted to pare down its exposure to risk as a result of one significant loss when a merchant couldn't pay.
Security reviewed more than 15 leading mortgage software providers before turning KPMG Peat Marwick to pare down the group to five finalists.
His brief on ``A Civil Action'' was to help director Steven Zaillian pare down a highly technical, complicated and lengthy corporate malfeasance lawsuit to its dramatic basics.
Hastings intends to use the chapter 11 process to significantly pare down its operations through substantial cost-cutting measures, including staff reductions at the corporate and store levels and closures of some store locations.
Ephron could well have given these wonderful actors more to do; indeed, reports indicate that she had to cut many of their scenes to pare down the film's running time.
Hit with major sticker shock Tuesday, Los Angeles City Council members warned city managers they must dramatically pare down tax measures for the November ballot from the $2 billion they have proposed for police, fire and library facilities and some other public works.
One of the most important things we can do as charter reform commissioners is to pare down the city's power structure so voters can see who's responsible for what,'' said attorney George Kieffer, the commission's chairman.