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pare something down (to something)

to cut someone down to something or a smaller size. I will have to pare the budget down to the minimum. I hope we can pare down the budget. After much arguing, we pared it down.
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pare something off (of) something

 and pare something off
to cut something off something.(Of is usually retained before pronouns.) See if you can pare a bit of this extra wood off the edge of the base of this pillar. Pare off some of the wood.
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cut, pare, etc. something to the ˈbone

reduce something to the point where no further reduction is possible: We have cut the costs of the business to the bone, but they are still too high for us to make any profit.
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pare down

1. To reduce the size of something by cutting or shaving off its outer layers; trim something: I pared down the tiles so that they would fit snugly together. The pegs were too big for the hole, so I pared them down with a pocketknife.
2. To reduce the size or amount of something by gradually taking away parts of it: We should pare down the supplies we keep in our storage room until we have only what we absolutely need. The article was too long, and it took me a long time to pare it down.
See also: down, pare
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According to Pare, "Shana Corporation is poised for explosive growth and an excellent investment opportunity.
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As a member of the Class Aquatics club team this year, Pare has turned in times in the 500 freestyle, 100 backstroke and 100 butterfly that would have been good enough to qualify for last season's Southern Section finals.
Joseph Pare, Burkina Faso's ambassador to France,has vacated his position after he publication of the findings of the country's anti-fraud body which accused him of embezzling 260 million West African francs ($518,000) while he was minister of education.
Born in Worcester, daughter of Arthur and Alice (Barrier) Pare, she graduated from Commerce High School, and worked for 25 years at State Mutual of America.
Last February, the high school district created a nine-member advisory committee, made up of educators and community members, as well as Scott, to advise the board of trustees on how to pare the budget.
Yemen LNG brings guaranteed financing to PARE for the completion of an electrification project which will benefit 2,000 inhabitants in 5 villages in Al-Dhahera district in Shabwa.