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"They want to create problems for the president by portraying him as someone who only care about people from his home area or people related to him by blood and that is why he pardoned Yel Luol Koor and other people and left John Agou in prison", he stated.
Although, Trump officially pardoned two turkeys, Twitterati chose Drumstick, rather than Wishbone, to be the official National Turkey.
Bush pardoned Caspar Weinberger and other Iran-Contra figures following the president's election loss to Clinton the previous month.
The INA provides a waiver of removability to non-citizens who have been fully and unconditionally pardoned by a governor from the non-citizens' respective state or the President of the United States.
Granting pardon to the killer despite being pardoned by the family members of victim falls in the ambit of Fasad Fil Arz.
This is worrisome because just imagine what kind of persons have been pardoned or had sentences commuted," said Prime Minister Jimenez, who added that the previous administration's pardons bolstered criminality."
According to her, there are 12 women among pardoned prisoners, but no one juvenile has been pardoned.
Bulgaria's former President Georgi Parvanov and Vice President Angel Marin pardoned a total of 87 murderers during their 10 years in office (2002-2012), a special parliamentary committee has found.
(21) And substantively there is only one limitation: that impeached officeholders can't be pardoned.
In 2008, the Governor pardoned Ricky Walters, a successful hip-hop artist who had come to the United States from the United Kingdom when he was eleven years old.
Rick Perry pardoned them for the mostly minor crimes they committed many years ago.
According to Article 45 of the Constitution of Pakistan, Aasia Bibi cannot be pardoned as her case is sub judice, the petition stated.
(22) Upon conviction of the later offense, the individual was sentenced as a second offender, predicated upon the pardoned offense.
Bush has pardoned more than 100 people so far but none have been prominent.
(See the sidebar on page 16.) "When I read that President Bush pardoned a bunch of convicted criminals this past Christmas, some of whom were convicted drug dealers, I was incensed," he told THE NEW AMERICAN.