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Three views on sickness absence could be distinguished: as necessity, as asking for understanding, or as pardonable. These views could be understood by the following background experiences: the degree to which they feel able to take their own responsibility, the degree to which the sickness reporting procedure at school is perceived as anonymous and easy, and the degree to which they feel themselves to be taken seriously at school.
'Devoting me to God,' meant, as far as my mother knew herself what she meant, that she would try to send me to college, and make a clergyman of me: and I was accordingly bred for 'the Church.' My father, who--rest be to his soul had the exceedingly bad habit of yielding to my mother in large things and taking his own way in little ones, allowed me, without saying a word, to be thus withdrawn from the sherry trade as an unclean thing; not without some pardonable participation in my mother's ultimate views for me.
While it is understandable (if not pardonable) that controlling shareholders in Pakistan refuse to allow a balance of representation on the board the alarming absence of balance of talents in most boards is truly surprising.
It was a pardonable error: moreover, at the time she was probably trying to persuade me to have a third slice of cake If only people would listen!
A decision to cremate in the context of the hot and humid summer would have been pardonable, and of course that is arguably the better decision.
He twice quotes Zarathustra: "what is the most pardonable thing about you is that you have the power and you do not want to reign" (quoted in Derrida, 2009, page 3).
In his essay, "Moral Looting in the Aftermath of Disasters," author Rick Garlikov cited six conditions for looting to be considered "pardonable" during a natural disaster.
Attributing to Taylor a desire to scandalize from day one would be pardonable but false.
(50) As a consequence of these actions of Babangida's regime, the wrong signal was sent to public officials and the general public that corruption in the public sector was a pardonable offence, thus making conformance to ethical standards appear to be foolish.
In any event, this climate of official corruption might have been somewhat pardonable if the officials were at least making any headway in providing relief.
The documentary's shallowness is pardonable (if problematic), when one remembers that Leiser's documentary is just a quick overview of a deep subject, not a systematic exploration of it.
To ignore such a claim is to make shameful an error which before was pardonable." (142)
The kind of crime they have committed to the suffering humanity is not pardonable," he said.
The adjectival swagger is pardonable: for decades, technology had been increasing the maximum speed of human travel.