pardon me for doing something

pardon me for living/breathing/existing/etc.

An angry, exasperated response to a criticism or rebuke that one feels is unwarranted or unjustified, especially since they believe they did something very minimal or nothing at all. (Any verb that approximately means "living" can be used after "for.") A: "Would you please just sit down and stop getting in my way?" B: "Well, pardon me for breathing!" You don't need to get so upset, I was just suggesting you ask for directions. Pardon me for living!
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ˌpardon me for ˈdoing something

(informal) used to show that you are upset or offended by the way that somebody has spoken to you: ‘This is a meeting for women only, so get out and mind your own business.’ ‘Oh, pardon me for existing!’‘Oh, just shut up.’ ‘Well, pardon me for breathing!’
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