pardon me for doing something

pardon me for (living, breathing, existing, etc.)!

An angry, exasperated response to a criticism or rebuke that one feels is unwarranted or unjustified. (Any gerund verb that approximately means "living" can be used after "for.") A: "Would you please just sit down and stop trying to help? You're only getting in my way!" B: "Well, pardon me for breathing!" You don't need to get so upset, I was just suggesting you ask for directions. Pardon me for living!
See also: pardon

ˌpardon me for ˈdoing something

(informal) used to show that you are upset or offended by the way that somebody has spoken to you: ‘This is a meeting for women only, so get out and mind your own business.’ ‘Oh, pardon me for existing!’‘Oh, just shut up.’ ‘Well, pardon me for breathing!’
See also: pardon, something