pardon for

pardon (one) for (something)

1. To forgive or excuse one for committing some crime, wrong, or faux pas. I know that Mr. Reginald will be willing to pardon you for your theft if you return the stolen goods at once and offer a sincere, heartfelt apology. Can you ever pardon me for behaving so boorishly?
2. To issue a formal pardon that overturns one's conviction and releases one from prison. The governor pardoned several people for their wrongful convictions.
3. An angry, exasperated response to a criticism or rebuke that one feels is unwarranted or unjustified. (Any gerund verb that approximately means "living" can be used after "for.") A: "Would you please just sit down and stop trying to help? You're only getting in my way!" B: "Well, pardon me for breathing!" Pardon me for living—I was just suggesting you ask for directions!
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pardon someone for something

1. to excuse someone for doing something. Will you please pardon me for what I did? I can't pardon her for that.
2. to excuse and release a convicted criminal. The governor pardoned Max for his crime. The governor did not pardon any drug dealers for their crimes.
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Crisologo was given a conditional pardon for his arson and homicide cases by Marcos in 1981 and was supposedly given absolute pardon in 1986.
It is even said that Gruevski, who has been granted asylum in Budapest, filed a pardon request to President Ivanov's office but nobody knows if in case a pardon for him is eventually issued it would be only for the Tank case, the only case for which he was convicted, or it would concern the other cases, too, which are in the stage of investigation or have already reached the point when an indictment is raised, Nezavisen vesnik reports.
Although turkeys have been receiving presidential pardon for the last 70 years, this was the first time South Dakota was chosen to present the gobblers.
'Wala, dahil disqualified para makatanggap ng presidential pardon si dating Unang Ginang Marcos (None, because former First Lady Imelda Marcos is disqualified from getting presidential pardon),' Escudero said in a press briefing when asked if pardon for the former first lady has a basis.
Prisoners released per presidential pardon on first day of Eid al-Fitr on June 15, 2018 - Hazim Abdel Samad CAIRO - 22 July 2018: The first batch of the pardoned prisoners will be released on next Monday, upon a presidential pardon for the commemoration of the 66th anniversary of July 23 Revolution, according to a security source.
(21) Title 8 of the United States Code, section 1227 is the current statute that establishes the category of deportable aliens who are subject to removal from the United States, and outlines waivers of removability for non-citizens who have received a full and unconditional pardon for specific offenses.
According to the same statement, the terms of implementation of the pardon mechanism will be shortly improved through the multiplication of listening sessions of detainees before granting them pardon and the implementation of the mechanism of conditional pardon for crimes causing harm to people.
His Majesty has issued a Royal pardon for the second time this year.
A possible humanitarian pardon for convicted ex-President Alberto Fujimori was receiving extensive news coverage as were allegations that former President Alan Garcia (1985-1990, 2006-2011) pardoned convicted drug traffickers.
Angel Marin granted a pardon for the probation period and the remainder of the jail term of Euroroma Chair Tsvetelin Kanchev despite the unanimous disapproval of the eight-member Pardon Committee.
(7) If a governor, however, issues a full and unconditional pardon for the underlying (state) crime, deportation can no longer occur.
The petitioner had requested the court to halt the possibility of a pardon for Aasia by President Zardari.
(66) The final simplification of the grant typology into two types of grants (commutation for prisoners and pardon for those who had fully served their sentence) was not accomplished until the 1962 clemency rules.
The United States Justice Department has declined to back a posthumous pardon for black heavyweight boxing champion Jack Johnson.
All requests for pardon for federal offences are directed to the Board of Pardon for investigation.