parcel (something) up

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parcel (something) up

To put something into a package and wrap or tie it closed. I'll just parcel these books up and have them delivered to you tomorrow! If you could just parcel up the rest of this food, I'll take it home with me for later.
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parcel something up

to wrap something up in a package. Would you parcel the papers up and set them in the corner? Parcel up the files and place them on top of the file cabinet.
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parcel up

To gather or tie something together in a tight package; wrap up: He parceled up the clothes and took them to the yard sale. She is going to parcel those dry goods up and deliver them to the shelter.
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- Parcel weight definitions vary, between operators and countries, but most describe parcels up to various weights approaching 40 kg.
UPS and rival FedEx Corp currently deliver parcels up to 150 pounds (68 kg) to a person's doorstep.
For a fixed price of [pounds sterling]7.49 plus VAT, customers can book the UPS Access Point service for parcels up to 15kg in weight and up to 80cm in length - a significant saving on a door-to-door service which is likely to be of interest to personal shippers."
UPS, which has a primary business of shipping packages, had a business practice of reimbursing customers for lost or damaged parcels up to $100 in declared value.
UPS was responsible for reimbursing customers for lost or damaged parcels up to $100 in declared value.