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trouble in paradise

cliché Stress, difficulty, unhappiness, or discontentment in what is thought to be a happy or stable situation, often a marriage or romantic relationship. I think that's David's husband over there flirting with the bartender. Surely there isn't trouble in paradise already? It looks like there might be trouble in paradise for the tech giant, as news is leaking of a major internal power struggle within the company.
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live in a fool's paradise

To be in a happy state for foolish, unfounded, or delusional reasons. We were living in a fool's paradise thinking that the financial successes of the early 2000s would last forever.
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fool's paradise

Fig. a state of being happy for foolish or unfounded reasons. I'm afraid that Sue's marital happiness is a fool's paradise; there are rumors that her husband is unfaithful. Fred is confident that he'll get a big raise this year, but I think he's living in a fool's paradise.
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paradise (on earth)

Fig. a place on earth that is as lovely as paradise. The retirement home was simply a paradise on earth. The beach where we went for our vacation was a paradise.

fool's paradise

State of delusive contentment or false hope. For example, Joan lived in a fool's paradise, looking forward to a promotion she would never get. This expression was first recorded in 1462.
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be living in a fool's paradise

If someone is living in a fool's paradise, they believe wrongly that their situation is good, when really it is not. Anyone who believes that this deal heralds a golden new era for the European air traveller is living in a fool's paradise. Note: You can also use a fool's paradise on its own to mean a situation where someone thinks things are good, but really they are not. Mrs Deedes looks much happier. But surely hers is a fool's paradise.
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a fool’s ˈparadise

a state of happiness which cannot last because something which you have not thought of is threatening to destroy it: You’ve been living in a fool’s paradise. How long do you think we can go on spending our money without earning more?
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Armstrong was, in essence, in a place of power and position strongly desired by Washington and another "angelic" figure occupying a paradisiacal space that Washington wished to occupy himself.
She came from dim uttermost depths which no Angel hath known, Leviathan's whirlpool and Dragon's dominion worldwide, From the frost or the fire to Paradisiacal zone.
Since sinful men do not have the capacity to be freed from the eternal chain of karmic reincarnation and suffering, Amida allows them to be transferred to his paradisiacal Pure Land, where reborn believers will receive the profound teaching [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] and eventually proceed to attain nirvana.
Consequently, the paradisiacal lands seen in Columbus' letters give way to an equally unrealistic, hyperbolically sinister badlands (176-78).
The author describes the Hathaway Bridge, giving onto the port of Panama City, as something which "connects two worlds--one of dreams, of paradisiacal fantasies, of concrete condos, giant houses built on sand; the other, of small town sensibilities, deep South traditions, of papers mill and port and public Protestantism.
Walton, and his home on the paradisiacal island of Ischia, seem to figure large in Kenneth's life.
He wrote about a group of British school boys stranded on a paradisiacal island descending into savagery because he was apparently disillusioned with human nature.
The piece of flowered wallpaper appears to be pre-formed and mundanely meaningless, but the notion of paradisiacal surroundings connected with the flowers is disturbed by the intrusion of little devils cheekily greeting the viewer with a raised arm.
These favourable features were presented, along with the natural "beauty" of the prairies, thereby reinforcing its paradisiacal image.
Trueba portrays this period of time in a utopian mode, configured as "an oasis of freedom, pleasure and uninhibited sexual experimentation" (Jordan and Morgan-Tamosunas 59), in which the upcoming Republic appears as a paradisiacal space capable of erasing a complex and problematic historical moment.
Of all the paradisiacal longings that accompanied the European discovery of the New World, the early Spanish acquisition of the region known as Florida certainly came the closest to embodying the Western ideal of natural perfection.
We range through paradisiacal and angelic eating in this chapter--Raphael's "real hunger," for example, the "dulcet creams" Eve serves up--as well as the devilishly savory pastries Satan lays out in Paradise Regained to tempt the Son.
Throughout the film, Kashmir is invoked as a paradisiacal space that is disturbed by the ulcerous presence of violence and terror.
Honeymoon in paradise at Raffles Praslin Seychelles For a memorable honeymoon, Raffles Praslin Seychelles promises a romantic escape among paradisiacal surroundings.
By its very title, Rivers of Paradise (borrowed from the Qur'anic quotation noted above) seems to validate the mainstream discourse on paradisiacal imagery and thus to reveal a particularly textual historiographical emphasis.