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hit parade

Any listing or inventory of the best or most popular persons or things in a given category. Anthony's bookshelves are a veritable hit parade of classic literature.
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parade of horribles

A series of many misdeeds or misfortunes. A: "Why did you leave your job?" B: "I can't even begin to talk about the parade of horribles that happened to me while I was working there." The recent news cycle has just been a parade of horribles, with one tragedy after the next.
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rain on (one's) parade

To ruin one's plans or temper one's excitement. I hate to rain on your parade, but I think your A in chemistry was actually a clerical error. Mom really rained on our parade by chaperoning our school dance.
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parade by (someone)

to march past someone in a parade or as if in a parade. The soldiers paraded by the commander in chief. Looking quite sharp, they paraded by.
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parade (someone or an animal) out

to bring or march someone or an animal out in public. He parades his children out every Sunday as they go to church. He paraded out all his children.
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parade someone or something in front of someone or something

to exhibit someone or something in front of someone or something, as if in a parade. One by one, the teacher paraded the honor students in front of the parents. The sheriff paraded the suspects in front of the camera. The sheriff paraded the suspects in front of the victim.
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rain on someone's parade

 and rain on someone or something
Fig. to spoil something for someone. I hate to rain on your parade, but your plans are all wrong. She really rained on our plans.
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hit parade

A listing of the most popular or best items or individuals of some kind, as in The library has a veritable hit parade of videos. This expression dates from the 1930s, when it was the name of a weekly radio show featuring the most popular songs as indicated by record sales.
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rain on one's parade

Spoil one's plans, as in The minority party in the legislature has tried hard to rain on the speaker's parade, but so far his agenda has prevailed . This expression conjures up the image of a downpour ruining a celebration such as a parade. [c. 1900]
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rain on someone's parade

If someone rains on your parade, they do something which spoils your plans or spoils an event that you hoped to enjoy. To make sure that all goes according to plan and no one rains on his parade, the president's safari will stay clear of trouble spots. It's irritating that he could rain on my parade by stealing the record before me.
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rain on somone's parade

prevent someone from enjoying an occasion or event; spoil someone's plans. informal, chiefly North American
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ˌrain on somebody’s ˈparade

(American English) spoil something for somebody: Drugs again rained on the Olympics’ parade as another athlete tested positive for an illegal substance.
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rain on someone’s parade

and rain on someone/something
in. to spoil something for someone. I hate to rain on your parade, but your plans are all wrong.
See also: on, parade, rain
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The top vote-getter in an election taking place in his home state and Iowa, Andersen will serve as the marshal of the 19th annual Nebraska pride parade in downtown Omaha on June 19.
Finally, turning to the present, Cahill's oration praises the massed ranks of Irish militiamen that had marched in the parade, and notes with pride the way in which the units paired the Irish with the American flag and saluted George Washington's statue as they marched by.
Parade-goers can ooh and awe in cozy comfort this year, as all of the parade bleacher seats will be surrounded by wind-blocking Plexiglas.
From 1947 to 1957, Burbank had an annual parade organized by the city's Junior Chamber of Commerce.
For general parade information, call 608-356-8341 or visit www.
and the attractions at Shenandoah Caverns, said some of the exhibits will be returning to American Celebration on Parade while others were newly constructed for this year's inaugural.
Five or six figures may seem like a huge outlay in a year of high unemployment and corporate belt-tightening, but it's impossible to estimate the value of such feel-good exposure to a million people on the parade sidelines, tens of millions more watching at home and countless others reading about it later in newspapers with full-color photos.
The Parade will air live in Los Angeles on KCOP/UPN13 with hosts Alex Trebeck ("Jeopardy") and Nancy O'Dell ("Access Hollywood") from 6 to 8 p.
color) A musical version of ``A Christmas Carol'' opens tonight at the Lancaster Performing Arts Center as the holiday season gets going in earnest in the Antelope Valley, with three parades this weekend.
We received more than 130,000 entries this year and awarded the parades to entrants who most creatively displayed the spirit of their hometown, proving they have Mickey's `can do' spirit.
VALYERMO - Benedictine monks will host thousands of visitors at the Valyermo abbey this weekend, while parades and festivals go on in Rosamond and Lake Los Angeles.
These exclusive parades were awarded through a contest at Wal-Mart stores to the four entrants who most creatively conveyed how their towns represent Mickey Mouse's enthusiasm and energetic, "can-do" spirit.
1 -- color) Rick Winsman, owner of Saratoga Engraving in Saugus, has refurbished a set of trophies from early Fourth of July parades.
It seems as though some of the branches have extended their people to other parades, or they don't have personnel locally available,'' said Duane Harte, vice president of the parade committee.