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hit parade

Any listing or inventory of the best or most popular persons or things in a given category. Anthony's bookshelves are a veritable hit parade of classic literature.
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parade of horribles

A series of many misdeeds or misfortunes. A: "Why did you leave your job?" B: "I can't even begin to talk about the parade of horribles that happened to me while I was working there." The recent news cycle has just been a parade of horribles, with one tragedy after the next.
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rain on (one's) parade

To ruin one's plans or temper one's excitement. I hate to rain on your parade, but I think your A in chemistry was actually a clerical error. Mom really rained on our parade by chaperoning our school dance.
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parade by (someone)

to march past someone in a parade or as if in a parade. The soldiers paraded by the commander in chief. Looking quite sharp, they paraded by.
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parade (someone or an animal) out

to bring or march someone or an animal out in public. He parades his children out every Sunday as they go to church. He paraded out all his children.
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parade someone or something in front of someone or something

to exhibit someone or something in front of someone or something, as if in a parade. One by one, the teacher paraded the honor students in front of the parents. The sheriff paraded the suspects in front of the camera. The sheriff paraded the suspects in front of the victim.
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rain on someone's parade

 and rain on someone or something
Fig. to spoil something for someone. I hate to rain on your parade, but your plans are all wrong. She really rained on our plans.
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hit parade

A listing of the most popular or best items or individuals of some kind, as in The library has a veritable hit parade of videos. This expression dates from the 1930s, when it was the name of a weekly radio show featuring the most popular songs as indicated by record sales.
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rain on one's parade

Spoil one's plans, as in The minority party in the legislature has tried hard to rain on the speaker's parade, but so far his agenda has prevailed . This expression conjures up the image of a downpour ruining a celebration such as a parade. [c. 1900]
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rain on someone's parade

If someone rains on your parade, they do something which spoils your plans or spoils an event that you hoped to enjoy. To make sure that all goes according to plan and no one rains on his parade, the president's safari will stay clear of trouble spots. It's irritating that he could rain on my parade by stealing the record before me.
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rain on somone's parade

prevent someone from enjoying an occasion or event; spoil someone's plans. informal, chiefly North American
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ˌrain on somebody’s ˈparade

(American English) spoil something for somebody: Drugs again rained on the Olympics’ parade as another athlete tested positive for an illegal substance.
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rain on someone’s parade

and rain on someone/something
in. to spoil something for someone. I hate to rain on your parade, but your plans are all wrong.
See also: on, parade, rain
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At Clarences Enterprise Centre, paraders will meet at 2.
To don the earthy coating, paraders jump into a gurgling pool of mud.
I nearly memorized George Barker's Noctambules, a now-forgotten poem that began, thrillingly in that era of persecution of homosexuals and near-blackout of gay writing, with the unforgettable words: "The gay paraders of the esplanade, the wanderers in time's shade .
Posing for the photographers and spectators who lined Constitution Avenue, the paraders drew attention to their silk hose by holding their skirts aloft; a twenty-piece band provided musical accompaniment.
It is interesting to note that paraders costumed as different characters in Black music: "Atwell Rose .
The beat then changes over to a double beat to which the paraders side-step around the area clockwise for the remainder of the song.
His trionfo, for example, does not entirely aim to represent a parade float as it actually appeared, not only because the gods' nudity is real and not feigned, but also because the centaurs and fauns are "real" and not masked paraders whose costumes have been supplemented by painted paper cutouts.
It is therefore unclear why Hurley excluded GLIB, and whether his views reflected the sense of other paraders.
2) Sylmar's Stephanie Beltran, 8, waves to paraders as one of more than 3,000 spectators Sunday.
S | | SATURDAY, August 9, will see the 25th Anniversary Cardiff Carnival, organised by SWICA Carnival, transform the city centre with a riot of flamboyant carnival art, colour and style - including more than 600 costumed paraders and musicians in Wales' biggest parade.
We have to balance the rights of everybody concerned in parades, not just the rights of paraders, but the rights of people who live in the areas and the rights of police officers.
But that was far from being the only show in town, as the pictures of X Factor fans lining up outside the Echo Arena, and Orange Day paraders in Southport, demonstrate.
And high cholesterol, looking at the bloated paraders.
Those self-styled paraders captivated Eugene Celebration audiences for a decade, until winning awards for humor, design and originality became routine.
Marching band displays were performed by the Starlight Paraders and the Millennium All-Stars, while other activities ranged from donkey rides to football shooting.